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I think the Blues really don't need a centre at 6m (might as well resign Backes). Oilers would only get Shattenkirk for one year. Blues have to shore up their RW.
Roster is to small and good luck trading a handful of scraps for a #1 D man
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Quoting: iggy1375
Cumiskey is for depth on d. We don't know if/when tvr will get hurt or any other d man. We know what we have in him. And no one in the pipeline to step up.. Unless Erhof signs for 1.75 no need to look elsewhere.

Still, you can sign a vet dman for 1.75, keep versteeg and get rid of nordstrom and pay kruger 250k less and you have space (like 50k leftover). That puts rundblad as the 7th d and keeps the starting 6 good.
haha you think Avs would retain even the slightly salary plus a draft pick to let you off the hook for the full wideman deal.
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The one thing that needs to change more than anything with the Wild going forward is to eliminate soft players and add grit. This roster does nothing to accomplish either. No chance Fontaine is back with the Wild next year!
To even it out, take out Phaneuf (who's pretty much untradeable now without retaining salary), and downgrade the 1st to a 2nd. Duchene is good, but so is Zibanejad. Barrie is good, but so is Ceci. They're better, so the 2nd bumps it up. So instead we have:

Duchene + Barrie for Ceci + Zibanejad + 2nd

I actually really like this trade. Ottawa can focus more on winning now by making their team slightly older and building around Karlsson, and Colorado makes their team slightly younger to build around MacKinnon.

Ottawa would still need a massive upgrade on defense if they want any chance at winning (Barrie is purely offense), but I like it.