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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Koskinen_The_Great</b></div><div>Yzerman might be the most overrated GM on this site. Not bold, never takes risks. He keeps everything too close to the vest. He wont even tell other GMs the players he covets and never praises any players not on his own team. There was reason TB went with Brisebois whom got them over the top. Yzerman should have never taken Yamo without at least a 2nd. He did them a massive favour. His draft was also quite underwhelming with two players with decent floors but little upside. Taking players for nothing is all well and good but you are still wasting roster and cap space. He gave the Oilers a get out of jail free card and now they exploit the new space so they can sign a better, cheaper forward in Connor Brown.</div></div>

I won't go as far as to say he is the most overrated GM bc he has built a rather good farm system and all of his 1st rd drafts have been hitting, with the anticipation of edvinsson coming up this year and possibly Kasper. His picks don't bother me bc he was crucified for seider at the time so I'll give him benefit there. But I will admit that if you look at his recent transgressions they are not W's like previously thought. Trade for Ned was great... for all of one year. Vrana trade was great... for all of one year. Yama trade was "interesting"... for all of one day.

Don't get me started on his draft night interview claiming to still be in a rebuild. I just hope it's all camera fluff and he's doing some voodoo stuff in the background.
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