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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LumberJacques</b></div><div>Ylonen is being rotated with Armia and Pezzetta, whether Anderson is there or not won't likely affect his ice much. If he hadn't been scratched all season I might be tempted to agree with you but if he's being rotated with 4th liners and not playing above Pearson then Anderson isn't what's blocking his way.

The issue that I can't seem to get through here is that you're trying to fix a problem MTL don't have "NOW" and aren't even sure they'll have in the future. It's a bit like if someone was trying to sell you a tent because you might go camping in 2 years. You tell them that's great but you don't even know if you'll actually go camping though, so you'd rather wait until then to buy one. The salesman replies that prices might be higher at that point so you should buy his tent now just in case. You then reply that you'd rather wait to see if you actually need one before buying it, as it makes more sense to pay a higher price when you know you need a tent than to pay for a tent now and not be sure you'll actually need it.

We don't know what will happen this season, let alone next season or the one after that. What we do know is that the more term comes off a contract, the easier it becomes to move. Therefore if MTL don't need to move this contract now or next season then why rush to do so when the price to move said contract is not likely to be much higher when they eventually MIGHT, POTENTIALLY, find themselves needing to move it? It makes more sense to wait and see how things develop and act if needed, than act now at expensive cost for something that may never come to pass. Several years ago people made the same type of ACGM about Weber and Price's contracts that would have seen MTL pay dearly in assets to move potentially "problematic contracts" which never ended up being much of an issue for the team.

So to sum up, if there does come a time where MTL do need to rid themselves of Anderson's contract then whatever the price ends up being they will pay it. In the mean time they have no need to move his contract and so they won't.</div></div>

I'd rather see mtl pay the price as he'll be an issue more ein the future so sure the term goes down but he gets worse just virtue of playstyle. So I'll agree there the cost now would be similar to in the future but not cheaper. The cap space and allowing to young players was another big positive as what if Ylonen plays amazing with the ice time. No one would know without this move. He's already 24 years old and really hasn't got the opportunity. I don't think Ylonen should be sacrificed in development so mtl can save a pick that could be a vesalainen.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>habitantlecolon</b></div><div>that the problem with the capitalist-biased mind: valuing humans, instead of effort. Cap reality for a 20-goal top 9 players is valued at what 3,5 to 5,5 ?! Does the guy fit the requirements or did he meet those requirements prior to the contract dealing? If the answer is Yes, why a cap crunch situation should make a player a «dump»? It is flawed even in philosophic path dude.</div></div>

Look at vlasic on sj. Obviously he was a beast for many years but looking at his contract now what would you give up to aquire him? Better question, what would it take to for sj to pay for mtl to get him. Mtl fans should know cap dumps well with Monahan who has really turned around got a 1st. Sure Anderson could be a 20-30 goal scorer but based on the cap hit and his play to this point not to mention other factors like term, actual salary, bonuses, player role and playstyle. He just isn't worth hid cap hit and should be explored dumping to any team as cap space rules the league and being able to get rid of a contract that could sour at any point.

Example for you. Nhl players are food and drinks in this scenario. Anderson is milk right on the expire date but it's not store brand milk either but not the expensive stuff. You think hey I have this milk and it's right on expiring you have a choice you can keep the milk and hope the it doesn't sour right away or you can get rid of the milk and let it be someone else's issue if it sours. You don't know if it's already sour or will sour the next day but you have this milk that's right on the edge of being thrown out or having potentially sour milk for days. Hopefully this makes sense.
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