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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JSEB93</b></div><div>1) Dude - right
2) From what I saw it sounded like they juts didn't want to retain. Could be wrong though. Feel like if Hextall really wanted him though it wouldn't take too much more to convince ARI to drop like 5 picks in the draft.
3) True, he did. Is it an actual fact he would go nowhere else though? Could be
4) Oof - not sure I can agree Engvall sucks. He's exactly what they need on that 3rd line - and fits way better than Granlund in my opinion. There's no defense on that 3rd line - and Granlund just makes that worse. If Sullivan gave the 3rd line 50% ozone starts I might change my mind - but he seems too stubborn to do that.
5) Didn't they just give up a recent prospect? It would be like us giving up Poulin or something like that? Easy yes. Plus I wouldn't mind paying more. I would have like to have spent a ton on trades - I'm not really worried about giving up picks and prospects right now. That's exactly what I want to be doing. In regards to Barb vs Gran - I'll take the guy that's 3mil cheaper and only signed for this year.
6) Nino went quick but I'm not sure I can give them a pass just because they were looking at better players.
7) Yeah - ROR wasn't cheap. I just wish those were the moves they made ya know? Like go all in or do nothing - not this weird half assed middle ground they did where they didn't get a significant upgrade but also didn't save any money.
8) True - it could have been.

In my opinion if they were willing to move Rust down I would have just kept Kapanen and put him at 2RW - and then use the extra money elsewhere like a 3C. Domi, Bjugstad, etc. Although Domi's complete lack of defense scares the **** out of me as a 3C. If they could have gotten half retention my view about the trade would be significantly different for sure. The 5mil for 3 years is killing me</div></div>

You make some good points. What i keep coming back to is that people didn’t like the rakell signing at first and that has worked out very well. Hextall, despite ****ing up everything else, has gone 2/2 on deadline trades so far. Hopefully it works out better than we expect. At the end of the day if this team wins anything in the playoffs it’s going to be because of Crosby - I will never count us out of a playoff series as long as we have him
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JSEB93</b></div><div>*THERE'S NO RULES* - hopefully you get the reference or this is awkward. So below are some options that I think would have been better. I think we could have afforded all of these options based on cap hit and/or assets given up.

1) Bertuzzi goes for a 1st and a 4th - half retained. He's also a UFA. So better player, lower cap hit, and you can let him walk in the offseason if need be.
2) Chychrun goes for a 1st, 2nd and 2nd. Could have easily added Bjugstad for a 3rd or 4th. Improve the 3C and get a top pair Dman for this year and 2 more.
3) Rangers get Patrick Kane for 2.5mil for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Better player, and cheaper. Also UFA at end of the season so can let him walk.
4) Islanders get Engvall for a 3rd. This one really bothers me. Perfect fit for what the Pens need at 3C. Only making 2.5mil. And a UFA at the end of the season.
5) Vegas gets Barbashev for a prospect in the QMJHL. I don't think he's really any better than Granlund, but he's only making 2.25mil and is a pending UFA
6) Winnipeg gets Niederreiter from the exact same team for the same round pick. Better contract - and in my opinion better player that would be a bigger help to the team
7) TOR got ROR for basically a 1st, 2nd, 4th. He fits exactly what the Pens needed
8) Possible Tarasenko depending on his NTC
9) Maybe most importantly, do nothing. If Granlund is your only move, this team isn't goig to be competitive. So why waste the cap space and assets to get him?

I'm sure there's more that I'm missing but I'll stick with that for now</div></div>

1. Bertuzzi would have been awesome

Sounds like coyotes were looking for the highest pick they could get.

3. Kane had a full NMC and was only willing to go to rangers

4.Engvall just kinda sucks imo - I’d rather have granlund

5. Barbashev would have been decent for sure. They paid a bit more than we did for granlund but he’s half the salary cap so it evens out. Granlund better offensively, barbashev better energy/physical guy. Take your pick

6. Nino would have been great but he was traded before the pens were out on better players, so you can’t really fault them on that yk. Also seems like Nino went immediately after poile made it known they were selling - jets acted very quick

7. ROR very good player for sure. Big price to pay but worth it.

8. I think NYR was Tarasenko preference.

I like the idea of playing granlund on Malkins rw, sliding rust down, and going after a cheap but solid 3C (maybe max domi). I would have coughed up the extra 3rd and gotten detention on granlund to make that happen