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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>budgeteam</b></div><div><strong>OTTAWA</strong>
-The Senators cannot re-sign Debrincat long term due to the salary cap.
-They need a #3 D and a cost controlled 1A/1B type goalie to play with Forsberg.
-They need to dump Zaitsev.
-They use the Debrincat/Talbot trades to subsidize the cost of acquiring those two pieces.
-One of Thompson or JBD has to be involved in the trade due to waiver status next season.
-Both pieces the Senators get are cost controlled at a good cap hit.

-Stone is going on LTIR after back surgery.
-Vegas has been tied to Talbot since they need help in net.
-Debrincat gives Vegas flexibility. He can either be a rental for the playoffs. In which case, they can turn around and flip his rights at the draft to recoup the 1st round pick they gave up.
-If it turns out that Stone is still out next season, they can sign Debrincat to a 1 year deal as Stone’s short term replacement.

-The Coyotes get two 1sts (both top 10 protected), two 2nds, and a young bottom pairing defender for Chychrun, and Vejmelka. They take Zaitsev as part of the trade.
-A side benefit is that this certainly helps the tank of the Coyotes.</div></div>

Wait you're not joking, you actually made this to be a serious trade?

Ottawa can easily sign ADB to a 3-8-year deal for $9M+ as he's worth, they will have cap flexibility as long as they trade Zaitsev and a high-round pick for FC. The cap is expected to go up $10M in the next 3 seasons. Even If they don't get him on a max term right away, they have the flexibility and control over him to get a bridge deal until the spike in the cap and then sign him to the biggest deal in franchise history. Ottawa still has 1 year of RFA on him, there's no reason to make any sort of moves with him before new ownership this summer. Let him have a full season in Ottawa before making such a big trade.

You have Ottawa trading an arm, a leg, a kidney, a few toes, and an ear for Chychurn and Vejmelka. Forsberg can be the sens starter next season while they sign a backup UFA goalie on a 1-year deal. There are still Leevi Merilainen and Mads Sogaard coming up the pipeline that can be the tandem of the future as your 1A/1B.

Sens are also giving up an RHD prospect for another LHD which they have an abundance of (Kleven, Chabot, Sanderson, Brannstrom...). Arizona trade rumors have said they want a package with Pinto or Greig which neither are here. This is just a nonsensical trade that benefits no one but the Arizona Coyotes.

I do agree however Talbot to Vegas would be a good fit, but Ottawa would more than likely get Laurent Brossoit and a mid-round pick
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 31 at 4:51 p.m.
This is atrocious, this is just setting Ottawa up for another disappointing season where they don't make a push for the playoffs but also don't give themselves a chance at a Top prospect.

To start Brannstrom is worth more than a 4th. His points aren't showing just how big of a stride he's improved defensively this season as a 3rd pairing. He's been paired with guys like Holden and Zaitsev and has shown more confidence than when he played with Chabot last season.

Why are they trading Joseph after just one season? When he played with Motte and Pinto that was one of the more productive lines. Sure they are likely losing Motte but a guy like Ridly Greig can easily get bumped to the 3rd line and make that line dangerous.

A lot of the Sens' issues can be solved internally except goaltending which was never really addressed. Sogaard looks like he will be a solid 1B goaltender but he still needs 1 more season of AHL development. I'm not sure about you, but I wouldn't feel overly confident having my backup goalie on a potential wildcard team be a rookie whose numbers regressed in the AHL. It makes more sense for Ottawa to spend the money you used for Walman and Engvall on a 1-year deal for a veteran goalie (like Raanta or Khudobin).

Lastly, the sens aren't going to be a Cap team until Pinto, Sanderson, and Greig are locked up. Spending $4.9M on Pinto after 1 good season is way too risky, a 2-3 year bridge deal around the $3.25M-$3.75M range makes sense for both sides. Pinto can get paid if the cap increases in 3 years as expected. Also, why aren't they getting any picks in this year's draft???
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