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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Nah you're just delusional regarding Gourde, his stats indicate he isn't overpaid, and his play has been solid this year. Yes he's on the 4th line, big deal, the line has been the best on the team thus far and the hardest working. He has far more than an "ahl skillset." I'd question anyone saying Serg is a "3rd pairing weak d zone player" as someone who has no idea what they are talking about and not watching. But please, keep whining about Gourde, it gives me a good daily laugh. You get back to us when he waives that ntc and gets traded in one of these agms you post, lol.</div></div>

I agree that Gourde (who has been a point per game this month, so I have trouble considering him a fourth liner even though that line is traditionally considered a fourth line) is way underrated and honestly worth the money, though I think we probably could have gotten him for less at the time. But Palat has looked great this year, and so has Killorn. And so have Cirelli, Sergachev, Shattenkirk, and Maroon. If Vasilevskiy and our defense wake up we’ll be just as scary as last regular season. We can’t keep all of them given our cap situation, though.

Johnson has been the most disappointing. Joseph is close behind. I don’t know if I can see BriseBois managing to keep Shattenkirk or Maroon given how much their value has skyrocketed recently. But someone else does have to go. I would say Palat, Sergachev, Killorn, or Gourde. I can’t say I would be angry if it’s any of those four. It depends largely on this next playoffs (if we make it). I don’t know what about the NTCs, but all I’m going to say is you should not be shocked if we move Gourde for a terrible return.

Hopefully BriseBois figures out some magic though.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TMG</b></div><div>We need a coach with a real defensive structure and system, and we need to package one of our firsts to rid us of Gourde</div></div>

It’s not just about finding someone with defensive structure. It’s about what our team can do. Our strategy for years has been to force the other team (through speed and raw talent) to open the ice, and throw everything into offense knowing that we can dominate when the ice is open and trusting that Vasilevskiy can shut down the other team (if not, just try and outscore them). We’ve seen when that works and when it doesn’t work and know something has to change, but these are things ingrained in people’s play styles. Cooper <em>is</em> trying to implement a solid defensive structure, and Kucherov has looked like a bust since then and Stamkos can only contribute on power plays when that whole thing disappears. I don’t think these players know how structured defense works well enough, and we need to make it a gradual change, and one leading to a system optimized for fast, small players. A coach with an established structure wouldn’t know how to start where Cooper left off before last playoffs and go from there.

As for Gourde, if he waives his NTC, we would have no trouble not only moving him, but moving him for a good return. His stats over the past seasons are hard to deny; he’s an extremely solid middle six winger on maybe a slightly overpaying contract. Depth is a major need in most franchises. If BriseBois packages a first to dump Gourde, that’s just awful GM’ing.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BOLTLOVER1</b></div><div>Absolutely serious .. Cooper and Stamkos both go if no Cup .. Stamkos game other than a 1 timer is pedestrian... to keep both is just insanity .. and we all know definitiom of insanity ..</div></div>

Cooper should be done if we lose this year, but Stamkos has proven himself to be a star player. He scored 40g last year and leads the team in points right now, with over a point per game. His playoff performance is comparatively disappointing, but a good coach (if not Cooper, his successor) would be carefully reviewing with him why that may be and how to change that. There's no real reason Stamkos can't dominate the playoffs like he does the regular season given the right mentality and coaching assistance. Either way, though, you act as if playoffs are a guaranteed thing. Last time we lost Stamkos for most of the season to injury, even though we were initial Cup favorites, Kucherov had his breakout season and scored 40g, Hedman set career highs, Vasilevskiy and Bishop were the best goaltending duo there was, and we had young talent like Point entering the team, it wasn't enough to earn a playoff spot. If you get rid of all of our depth players and exchange them for prospects, and move Stamkos, there's no reason to think we'd be better than we were in 2016-17; in fact, a lot of these players, based on training camp, haven't looked quite ready for NHL action and aren't necessarily an improvement over our wingers who have proven that they can, at the very least, fulfill the role of supporting players.

Also, from a management perspective, star players like Stamkos provide good marketing opportunities that generate revenue. Stamkos has, for right or for wrong, essentially become the face of the franchise, and moving him would hurt our team revenue. That (along with the NMC) makes him extremely valuable to management regardless of how he plays.