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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheJoeMan</b></div><div>Does he though? I really feel like what we've seen from Ritchie is what we're going to get. He can't skate, he's never going to be able to skate but he does has good hands. He just seems incapable of not taking bad penalties but all-in-all he's a 30ish point player making absolute peanuts for the next two years. Honestly, I think if we hadn't drafted him 10th overall I don't think so many of us would be so down on him. But I'm absolutely done thinking he's ever going to be more than the player he is right now. I wouldn't give him away just for the sake of giving him away but if another team really covets him I wouldn't hesitate if they're offering a decent return.</div></div>

I definitely agree with this take. I think as much as we wish we got a better player at 10, especially considering 2014 ended up yielding a lot of good players after 10 (Vrana, Larkin [oof], Sanheim, Deangelo, Kapanen, and of course Pastranak), we didn't. And that happens. From a draft perspective, Ritchie is one of the biggest busts of the first round. But if you look at contract to contribution, he's a steal. When Ritchie plays well he can generate good offense, is a solid front net presence, and a physical force. That being said, I don't think he fits the future of the Ducks. We saw in buffalo that our team plays best quick, scrappy, and creatively. Ritchie is not that. I think there is a better fit on another team, but I would be surprised if a team pursuing him offers more than a late pick.
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