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New England raised. Love the Bruins, the Wild, and now the Golden Knights. Not a puck bunny.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Nov 7 at 7:35
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Multiple people trying to bypass the voting system again so a re-vote will commence as of right now. YOU MUST DM ME ON TWITTER (@TityBoiCap) OR EMAIL ME IF YOU DONT HAVE TWITTER ( to vote.

Anthony (GRONK)
Dylan G (BO53HORVAT)

Votes close later in the evening (NOVEMBER 7th) at 9pm EST!!!!

To clear things up with the community as it should be known that the two individuals that interfered with the voting the day prior are MrBooth and TMLSage based on empirical evidence found by the BOG through the SurveyMonkey and conversations from other GMs.

Apologies to those who voted in a proper manner.


Posting to confirm that I strongly condemn these actions. All they did was delegitimize me. A sarcastic thanks to whichever of you two cast those phony votes for me.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Oct 16 at 8:33