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Thanks :)

i cant think of any reason why he would want to stay. Hes 26 years old and probably doesnt want to stay on a rebuilding team that will be full of players 5 years younger than him. imo i think colorado still needs a few more years of rebuilding to strengthen our D before we can start contending, and duchene surely doesnt want to be on a losing team during his prime.

I have a suspicions that he secretly requested a trade but doesnt want to officially go public to avoid drama. Im pretty sure sakic's hesitation to pull the trigger on a trade has made duchene pretty angry (his agent was pretty mad about it). I hope he gets traded to a playoff-team/cup-contender to give him a shot at winning

i think hes just the wrong age for the avalanche moving forward. its similar to eberle with edmonton since he was one of their best players when they were still a bad team, and now that they became good hes a bit too old for the core edmonton has now with young players like mcdavid and draisaitl leading the team</div></div>

Colorado is pulling an EDM from 5 years ago when nobody wanted to go or stay because they sucked so bad. They didnt turn around till they got a new coach and GM (cough,cough)</div></div>

i agree. they just got a new coach in bednar who didnt really have much time to prepare after roy screwed us and left last minute, so im willing to give bednar another shot. sakic on the other hand has to get his a** out of the avs front office soon so they can hire a real GM
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