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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tintin</b></div><div>Oh ok, got it. Yeah there’s gonna be some real competition for all those winger spots next season and I expect at least one of Zacha, Wood, Tatar, AJ or Kuokk to be traded come October.

There are a few reasons why I’d rather steer clear of trading for a big name winger.
First one is that I believe the current core needs to prove they can at least contend for a playoff spot standing on their own legs, moving that #2nd ova would be rushing it for a team that’s been planted in the basement since 2018.
Then there’s the fact that offense is currently the strongest area for the Devils, and with one more year of growth for that young core, I expect that to develop further. Meaning that AdB doesn’t actually fill a major need.
Between Cooley, Holtz and other prospects in the org I think there’s at least 50% chance one player will become just as good as AdB is today.
AdB needs an extension in 2023, likely to come in at 10m. That means that the Devils will run a risk of losing some other core player that offseason or the subsequent one given that current ELCs will expire.

Basically #2 ova + Mercer (for example) &gt; AdB.

Sry if this got a bit tedious to read.</div></div>

No, I get you completely, it's totally reasonable to suggest the overall defense and mainly goaltending should be the priorities considering the offensive skills already in the system... I think Holtz will be a very good top-6 scorer next season for instance.
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