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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Well, how many of these games have you watched? That's the thing... people always think they have the whole picture but it's rarely the case...

Did you know for example that Erik Brannstrom caught covid on the way back from Europe when the NHL resumed in 2021? (season 2020-21)

Did you know that he missed several weeks with a broken hand in 2021-22 too?

He also had a few minor injuries the last 2 years

So, despite covid and injuries, Brannstrom has played 116 NHL games by the end of his 22 y/o season. He is FAR from a bust as he is just scratching the surface.

Last season, he played 22+ minutes in 15 of his 53 games, including 3 games more than 25 minutes. It's not new that he has looked like the Sens best D-man in some games

Again last night watching him play, it's pretty evident that he will be a quality player (even if not a star). The road has not been easy playing on a rebuilding team with a totally discombobulated team defense (coaching staff has no idea how to implement defensive hockey systems). Until this season, he had played 50% of his time in the NHL with Josh freaking Brown as his defensive partner (not really or barely NHL caliber IMO)

Erik Brannstrom is not and won't be a BUST, no matter how much you repeat it.

And I don't know if he was a "top-5 prospect" in the league, but on Ottawa he has always behind guys like Batherson, Norris, Stutzle and Sanderson... so 5th in Ottawa and 5th in the league? Maybe I guess.

No problem but IIRC it's Dorion that made that comment. It was ridiculous though so not something I plan on remembering. He specifically said that to save the face after trading fan favorite and elite inger Mark Stone ho he completely botched the file.</div></div>

Sometimes it’s just best to agree to disagree, I think we unintentionally misread some things we both say. I didn’t say he was considered a top-5 pick in the world at any time, just from his specific draft class soon after he was drafted, that’s a huge difference. It’s not always on the player necessarily, sometimes bad luck with injuries or covid etc. happen and can derail a prospects projected path, and I think it’s fair to say - that regardless of what the cause is, that he hasn’t lived up to his hype as of now, I really hope he does though, as a fellow Swede, I would love for him to become a good player.