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Thread: Isles lines
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Islesforthecup</b></div><div>I disagree. Could just be me but i dont think aho is great at getting the puck out. But way more worrisome than that is the fact that this pair wont win a single puck battle. And if they are out there against a physical line (think our 4th line) theyll be stuck out there for 2+ minutes. Pelech is the picture perfect partner for dobson ive always thought and the limited theyve had yogether has backed that up. Its amazing the difference in dobsons play when he has a legit nhl caliber partner. I also want salo to have a solid partner. Putting salo and mayfield makes a lot of sense as well. Salo is responsible and good with the puck as opposed to mayfield who has a hard time getting pucks out. Having scottys physicality and toughness wont put too much pressure on salo in the d zone. As for the 3rd pair the number 1 concern i have about aho is his ability to win pucks along the boards. It just so happens to be that andy greene somehow, is one of the best in the league at winning those pucks however he just turns the puck over bc his puck skills are terrible, thats why he gets trapped a lot. But putting aho with greene can help aho as well as not have to play greene for so many minutes.</div></div>

Aho can skate the puck out with possession and he makes some solid stretch passes, aho sometimes looks overmatched in the Dzone , but he actually does win his fair share of puck battles, same with Dobson. They’re just not physical defenseman. I can understand the concern but I think it’s worth a shot

You’re right regarding Dobson. When he plays with pelech and Pulock he looks great, but he’s afraid to make a mistake with Greene/chara because they are not mobile enough to cover for him. I wish Trotz would give him a permanent partner who isn’t a pylon