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Thread: Two Trades
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JumboJoe</b></div><div>thanks for putting some time into it!

I agree that Merkley use to have attitude problems and a bad defensive game. There's been reports that his attitude has gotten better from Dale Hunter (head coach of the London Knights) that Merkley has really improved his attitude;
here's a short blurb about it on DobberProspects;

Those who questioned his character issues will be happy to hear that London Knights head coach Dale Hunter has been singing Merkley’s praise not only for his on-ice production but for his off-ice leadership as well. Hunter has been quoted saying that Merkley’s humour and attitude in the dressing room are one of the reasons his teammates love him.

As for his defensive game it definitely isn't perfect yet and far from it but he definitely improved it in the past few seasons

For the cap issues I don't think there's a big problem. Merkley still has 2 years left on a sub 900 thousand contract and you could probably get him in the NHL at the age of 21 as a solid top 4 defenseman and he'd only be making 894 thousand. The only big player you have to sign that year is Boeser who yes, he will come with a pretty hefty price tag but that's nothing compared to having to sign Petterson and Hughes.</div></div>

Merkley's contract isn't the one I'm worried about, it's Beartschi, Beagle, Roussell, Ferland, Myers, or Eriksson (take your pick). Clearing one or two of those (imo) needs to be priority #1 this offseason before exploring trades to improve the team.

Regardless, that's some nice praise coming from a highly regarded hockey personality in Hunter. It's good to see a kid so talented start to figure things out.
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Thread: Two Trades
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I'll see if I can explain myself adequately here..

When I said expensive project I meant there's still a lot of work to be done on the defensive side of his game for what the team gives up. Offensively he's a wizard and would definitely be an asset to Van seeing as the only RHD prospect they've got is Jett Woo (I'm not sold on Rafferty tbh), but it will be interesting to see defensively/attitude-wise what happens when he hits the AHL and competes against men/former NHLers. If the Canucks give up Virtanen, Demko, and a 2nd, that feels like a lot for a player who isn't a lock to be impactful in the big leagues on all ends of the ice, not to mention a lot to give up without shedding any salary that will inhibit their ability to sign Pettersson and Hughes to long-term contracts.

As for DiPietro, the only issue I see with him is if the team trades away Demko and Markstrom falters in the next 2 or 3 years either through injury or natural regression of skills, then all of a sudden the team rushes DiPietro to the bigs to try and capitalize on the prime ages of the core before he's ready. There have been countless young goalies rushed up and overworked at a young age.

Alternatively, GMJB might instead go to free agency and sign a 35yo career backup to a 7x7 deal for "leadership and playoff experience" and I think that would just push me over the edge.

TLDR; The looming cap hell the Canucks have and the concerns over Merkley's attitude and defensive game makes the risk of the trade too much for Van to take imo.
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