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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rbcf</b></div><div>You really missed the mark on salaries for RFA's... Jankowski is going to see atleast double that with Kulak and Rittich getting much more than what you put. Backlund is very close as I see him making between 4.5-6m/year depending on contract length. If he wants more then he has to go. As much as I love Brouwer I would.... Wait what..... I don't love him at all!!! He and his massive salary have to go!!! I see a buyout coming this year for Brouwer as 3m/year savings could be spent on someone who could actually have an impact.</div></div>

Here's my response;

Brouwer most likely will not be bought out this summer, that would mean paying him 1.5x4 to not play for the Flames, can't see ownership doing that. He's still wearing a letter, playing 2nd line minutes in Frolik's absence and the coaching staff really likes him. IF and that's a big if, he is to be bought out it wouldn't be until the final season of his deal.

How much are you wanting to pay Kulak and Rittich? I acknowledge Kulak is playing sheltered minutes, however this is a player that has yet to score an NHL goal in 65 career games, also he may have a tough time making the team next season with the young guys pushing. 1 year deal for him with a slight raise from the 650k he's making currently.
Rittich has been phenomenal yes. But we are talking about a guy with 5 starts under his belt and 2 mop up appearances and it's likely he get's 15 starts this season max. The sample size is too small to justify much of a raise from the 725k he's making this year. It would be prudent for Treliving to push for a 2 year deal, although it may only be a 1 year at a slight raise.

Jankowski is a tough deal. If he plays the remaining games this season he would have 75 career games played. He currently has 15 points, but for arguments sake let's say he reaches the 30-35 point range. He won't be getting a big contract though as like the other 2 RFA's mentioned, the sample size is far too small.
Look at what Bennett signed for, 1.95x2 and he had more games played and points than Janko will have as he heads into his negotiation. Anywhere between 1-1.6 on a 1 or 2 year deal is a ballpark for Janko's deal
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