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Jan 29, 2020
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Jul 9, 1996
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Forum: Armchair-GMJan 25 at 10:24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jfrojelin</b></div><div>I think it's fair, but I'd rather not do that Jones trade, Shane Wright is very good at hockey. I have a lot of issues with this roster:

Vlasic has a NMC which he wouldn't waive. That's 7 mil we can't use
Hamonic is a luxury we wouldn't need with Merkley entering the league at this time
Overpay for Raanta a little
Timo wouldn't stay on the third line (he's just currently in the dog house, give it a few games to change)
The way Donato is playing, he probably gets more like 3 mil (look what Labanc got for similar numbers, a 5x4 essentially)
With the current status of cap, can probably offer less to Gambler and Gregor
I'd personally go for a guy more like Armia Dzingel or Hyman instead of Hyman, but they would be pricier</div></div>

I had no idea NMC included buyouts but fair enough.
Something tells me Merkley won’t be ready for a top 6 role just yet. I’ve been the biggest backer of him but we’ll see.
I honestly thought it was an underpay. Raanta is what the Sharks need to get into the playoffs.
Again the contracts aren’t supposed to be exact, which is why I still left 4 million in cap space.
Gregor for sure, but I feel like Gamby will get that type of contact to be the team’s third line center.
I’d LOVE someone like Hyman, but with Kane, Hertl, and Meier, why get ANOTHER grinder like scoring option, I’d rather a shoot first guy. So Dzingle would be an interesting option. Also with that Jones trade, this is what would happen if the team doesn’t tank. (No pun intended)