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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EccE</b></div><div>I wouldn't say Grit is a "premium asset". He is a good prospect and a steal, sure, but premium assets are players like Holtz or Mercer. Same with Stillman. I'd rather have Holtz than those two. Zacha brings basically nothing. You can get middle-six players from the market for cheap (Freddy Gaudreau, for example).

<strong>Don't use Buchnevich as a comparable. It was a horrible trade then, it is an even more horrible one now. Plus, when Buch was traded, he had not broken 50 points in his career, Fiala had 85. It is not a good comparable. A trade for Fiala starts with a high 1st or an actually premium prospect.</strong>

You are trying to buy a diamond with a bag of groceries.</div></div>

The Buch/Reinhart comps need to die a horrible death. Their contract situations were the same as Fiala's, but Fiala is coming off of 85 points in 82 games. Reinhart was coming off of 40 points in 54 games (shortened season). Buch was coming off of 48 points in 54 games on the same shortened season. Any GM who looks at a those point totals and treats that the same as a player keeping that pace over a full season probably shouldn't be a GM.

"But Minnesota needs to shed cap, they have no leverage!" you say? I present to you exhibit A: McBain, Jack. Multiple teams were interested, so that gave Minnesota leverage to get a fair return. The same concept should apply to Fiala. Ottawa has been interested in Fiala for awhile. NJ has said they want to bring in an impact player and a team like LA that just made the playoffs, has assets Minnesota might be interested in and (most importantly) cap space to afford Fiala makes it entirely possible Minnesota gets a solid return.
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