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Thread: Its time
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boomer125</b></div><div>If I'm putting Nylander on the table for D upgrade I don't even call Minnesota I target actual Top Pair Dmen like Seth Jones, Colton Parayko etc those are Tier 1 defense men - Dumba is a tier 2 defense man Nylander isn't even on the table.
If Minny shops Dumba there will be lots of teams calling none of them are going to offer up a Nylander Quality player for Dumba any 2020 1st offered up will be 20-31 OA which does very little to nothing to improve Minny today - A package involving a young right shot forward with term at great AAV that will produce 45/50 pts (that's at 3rd line minutes) on Minny Kap gets 2nd line minutes it's not even a debate plus a top D prospect plus a forward prospect (that really would be playing in the league if not for insane RW depth in the organization) plus a 2020 3rd is a reasonable to very good package. Again Minnesota has strength on the blue line to deal from and Dumba would be the guy teams are interested in paying for. If an equivalent offer came through from another team I do think the Leafs would add a higher pick might be 2021 1st or what have you. But the reality is as much as teams are circling and wanting Nylander right now (a drastic 180 from 12 months ago) Nylander is 22 signed 4 more seasons and is a highly productive Top 4 forward - IMO if Minny targets Nylander they'd be sending Dumba + to get any sort of conversation going.</div></div>

Kapanen isn't getting top 6 minutes in Minnesota, he'd play behind Zuccarello and Fiala. Take off the Leaf-tinted glasses, Kapanen is a good player but he's not some amazing upgrade for the Wild. The Wild's forward issue is the only center they have who can produce points is Staal, so if they move a guy like Dumba they're going to want a center coming back because that's the team's biggest need.
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