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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jberney1</b></div><div>just throwing ideas out there... Boston is Toronto's roadblock of late to success.. looking at ways to overcome that. I agree keeping Marner is just fine and Toronto doesn't miss a beat and yes it will be a bit more of a cap hit.. just seen a Stamkos / Tavares / Matthews vs. Boston's big three option there..</div></div>

I think Toronto has what it takes now. The team will be another year older and all the young guys will be better (stronger physically and mentally) the addition of Barrie will be huge and Kerfoot will be a good enough replacement for Kadri especially if he actually plays more than 2 playoff games.

I think a huge factor is the new coaching staff with Babs. Our special teams should be much better this year, which played a huge role in this years playoffs for us. Hakstol is a very strong defensive coach, although he can rely on depth guys a little too much he will run good PK and even strength systems. Mcpharland has had one of the best PP's in the league for a number of years, and with the leafs fire power it should be lethal.

Another big factor is going to be Andersen's load management. He cant play 60+ games again. Look at Rask this year. I know he was injured, but even when he came back he basically split starts with Halak which let him be fresh for the playoffs (obviously look at Kawhai too). Sparks isnt good enough for that, hopefully Hutch can play 30+ games or maybe we have to make a mid-season trade for a backup. Bottom line is Andersen should play around 50