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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Db1899</b></div><div>I knew you were going to bring up Debrincat - he has 1 year remaining at 6.4 mill and can take a 9 mill QO to UFA next offseason. I

Robertson has 4 RFA years left , plus he’s better than Debrincat. Robertson Is arguably the best left wing in the NHL.

Asking for a trade doesn’t lower value - Nils Lundkvist just requested a trade. Matthew Tkachuk essentially requested a trade. Both went for great returns.

I’ve read all the prospect reports on Guhle, at best he’s a #2 D, but his most likely scenario is a #3 D. Not enough offense to his game to drive a 1st pairing. Also have you considered Dallas needs in this trade? Obviously not. Their plan is to keep Heiskanen at LD, they also have Harley right behind him. Plus they just drafted Bischel. They have no need for Guhle. Slaf/Caufield or bust. Almost any team would give up their A caliber young wingers for Robertson.</div></div>

Guhle is better than all of them but Heiskanen and Heiskanen can play the Right side

And this is Robertson we are talking about, not some superstar. Hes an elite scoring winger but doesnt provide much more than that. Not worth a former 1st overall pick you was selected just a few months ago or a player who has higher potential than him in Caufield. When you make a trade involving elite players, you get a package of value that is even or more than what you trade. You never get the best player in the deal and if you do, its a fleecing on your end
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