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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Smitty426</b></div><div>From a Avs blog site, and<strong> yes </strong>just one guys opinion:
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<em>"If we’re talking a trade like the Stone one, it’s safe to assume the Devils would ask for Bowan Byram. The fourth overall selection in this past year’s draft is one of the better defensive prospects in the NHL and would be a guy who would fit in perfectly with New Jersey. A straight up one for one deal might make sense. It would be a tough pill to swallow but a trade the Avalanche might be willing to do given how strong their group of young defenders are. "</em>

I personally think its a trade similar to Stone, in that Hall and Ferris are allowed to talk to the Flames/Avs/Habs of the world to see if there is something there. If Shero was looking at Hall I would hope that it would have a handshake signing before the trade. This goes against what the writer says later in the story BTW
I really believe Hall will not want to be a rental, that could go wrong for him too. He could get hurt and lose all the leverage. He wants to start winning asap, going to a team that limps in is not ideal. I think he and Shero have a good enough relationship where if he says I can't wait for Jersey to get its act together that Shero says let me work the best deal for both parties.
I want Hall here, only if he wants to be. If not get the largest return possible, and Shero has been good so far with that (save Grabner trade-because of Hall BTW!)</div></div>

Yeah it says that Jersey would ask for byram.. who wouldnt, it says it's more likely kaut/timmins/zadorov/jost and a pick
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