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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>No for the following reasons. 1) regardless of what CF ACGM’s say he is an NHL player with value, he is versatile being able to slide around the line up and in and out of special teams 2) Bednar seems to love him 3) Even given how awful he was last year he was tracking for a 30pt season (in an 82 game season) 3pts less than Nichushkin, something Jost has never done, something nobody in the current bottom 6 has done besides Nichushkin and Helm (4 years ago). 4) the Avs aren’t going to eat 2.5M. 4) he is significantly better than than LOC, Maltsev, Helm, MacDermid, etc….

Compher had a bad year and is a touch over paid for what he does but get real burying him in the minors to play guys with less than 50 games of pro experience that aren’t as good as him is never happening.</div></div>

I have fallen out of like with compher and now want to see what these kids can do that finally look like they are ready to compete for an nhl job..

Compher is a decent pk guy and can skate it into the zone on the 2nd pp, with a little chippyness to his game. The question is where do you put him now? With the top 6 locked in for at least the first few weeks, then newhook and jost first in line to replace nuke if he doesn't work out..

Compher seems to be a 3.5mil per year passenger as bednar calls them, and with ranta and bowers Taking the next step, maltsev being good in the face off circle, O'Connor having some of the leagues best forecheck analytics, macdermid being a defensive liability that Joe wants in the lineup.

That leaves compher and helm on the outs in my opinion, unless he can find some of that missing chemistry he had with jost and Wilson in the playoffs years ago
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