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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Better then Offensively 100%
Plays the same game ? Absolutely not

Anderson's a Net Front Presense who is a big body who loves hitting
More important he's got lightning Speed and Never gives up on a play
Palmerri is the only one who plays that style at a Much Slower pace and less physical

Power Forwards always have more Value just like RD for the simple fact there isnt enough for every team to have multiple.
Do i think NYI should pay that much ? No one should

Do i think they or someone will ? Absolutely

In context Anderson played beside Suzuki and Caufield.
While Anderson didnt get rewarded offensively really for it
Suzuki have i believe it was 21 pts in 22 games and Caufield with 25pts in 22 games beside him
Caufield was so far out of the rookie race it was frustrating but beside Anderson made a huge push late.

Anderson makes all those around him better
That said these guys traditionally stay with their draft teams then sign as Free Agent's
Trading for one happens but its usally avoided due to the cost

That said again we're talking about Lou here
He's got a history of Overpaying and Giving prospects away
Am i surprised there's a bidding war and he's willing to over pay the most?
Not really its Lou he did it in NJD , TML and NYI so far , why would he change now suddenly?</div></div>

Anders Lee has scored 40 goals in this league playing that style. Give it up, the Islanders don't want or need Anderson. What prospect has Lou given away as Islander GM where he wasn't forced due to a flat cap because of COVID? For a team that traded Sergachev for Drouin unforced, maybe you shouldn't spout off.
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