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Jul 18, 2019
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Nashville Predators
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Edmonton Oilers
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Forum: Armchair-GMOct 11 at 8:24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmgb</b></div><div>No love for any of the Preds' threads Jeuck75?

Interesting list. Your tastes are considerably different than mine. I was surprised to see the Canes on here a couple times. Old school Whalers sweaters notwithstanding, I'd put any of their looks dead last in the league.</div></div>

The Full (I'm a total nerd) Jersey List, lol...
(Adidas Only)

Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic
Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic Away
Calgary Flames Away
Arizona Coyotes Away (White Kachina)
Arizona Coyotes Home (Kachina)
Dallas Stars Alternate
Edmonton Oilers Home (Old Alt)
New York Rangers Reverse Retro
Carolina Hurricanes Alternate
Anaheim Ducks Alternate (Orange)
Vegas Golden Knights Gold Alternate
Buffalo Sabres 50th Anniversary
Arizona Coyotes Reverse Retro
Ottawa Senators Home
Colorado Avalanche Alternate
Vancouver Canucks 50th Anniversary
Minnesota Wild Home
Minnesota Wild Reverse Retro
New York Rangers Away
Colorado Avalanche Reverse Retro
Edmonton Oilers Alternate (Old Home)
Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series
Tampa Bay Lightning Reverse Retro
Minnesota Wild Away
Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series
Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series
Seattle Kraken Home
Carolina Hurricanes Home
Dallas Stars Home
Buffalo Sabres Home
Los Angeles Kings New 2021 Alternate (Chevy Logo)
Dallas Stars Away
Los Angeles Kings Alternate (Chevy Logo)
Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series
Washington Capitals Alternate (W)
Washington Capitals Reverse Retro
Calgary Flames Home
Nashville Predators Reverse Retro
Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate
Nashville Predators Winter Classic
Winnipeg Jets Home
Vegas Golden Knights Home
Ottawa Senators Away
Winnipeg Jets Away
San Jose Sharks Alternate
Vancouver Canucks Away
New York Rangers Winter Classic
Vancouver Canucks Home
San Jose Sharks 30th Anniversary
St. Louis Blues Winter Classic
Edmonton Oilers Away
Seattle Kraken Away
Buffalo Sabres Away
Calgary Flames Reverse Retro
Carolina Hurricanes Away
Colorado Avalanche Home
Edmonton Oilers Reverse Retro
Nashville Predators Away
Chicago Blackhawks Home
Buffalo Sabres Winter Classic
Boston Bruins Reverse Retro
Boston Bruins Alternate (B)
Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate
Ottawa Senators Reverse Retro
Chicago Blackhawks Away
Vegas Golden Knights Away
Colorado Avalanche Away
Florida Panthers Home
Florida Panthers Reverse Retro
Calgary Flames Old Home
Boston Bruins Away
Boston Bruins Home
Anaheim Ducks Alternate (Eggplant)
Montreal Canadiens Reverse Retro
Pittsburgh Penguins Home
Pittsburgh Penguins Away
Calgary Flames Old Away
Los Angeles Kings Reverse Retro
New York Rangers Home
New York Islanders Reverse Retro
Buffalo Sabres Reverse Retro
Florida Panthers Away
Montreal Canadiens Away
Nashville Predators Home
Tampa Bay Lightning Home
Tampa Bay Lightning Away
Anaheim Ducks Home
Montreal Canadiens Home
Anaheim Ducks Away
Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate
Vegas Golden Knights Reverse Retro
Vancouver Canucks Alternate (Black)
San Jose Sharks Home
San Jose Sharks Away
Carolina Hurricanes Old Away
Columbus Blue Jackets Home
New York Islanders Away
Los Angeles Kings Home
Los Angeles Kings Away
Dallas Stars Reverse Retro
Columbus Blue Jackets Away
Columbus Blue Jackets Reverse Retro
St Louis Blues Away
New York Islanders Alternate
St Louis Blues Home
New York Islanders Home
Arizona Coyotes Old Home
Toronto Maple Leafs Home
St Louis Blues Alternate (Light Blue)
Toronto Maple Leafs Stadium Series
Arizona Coyotes Old Away
Vancouver Canucks Reverse Retro
Winnipeg Jets Reverse Retro
Toronto Maple Leafs Away
Philadelphia Flyers Reverse Retro
Philadelphia Flyers Home
Philadelphia Flyers Away
Winnipeg Jets Alternate (Light Blue)
Ottawa Senators Alternate (O)
Philadelphia Flyers Alternate
Washington Capitals Home
Washington Capitals Stadium Series
Washington Capitals Away
Washington Capitals Old Alternate
Pittsburgh Penguins Reverse Retro
Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic
Dallas Stars Winter Classic
New Jersey Devils Home
New Jersey Devils Away
Los Angeles Kings Alternate (Grey)
St Louis Blues Alternate (Opposite of RR)
St Louis Blues Reverse Retro
Anaheim Ducks Reverse Retro
Toronto Maple Leafs Reverse Retro
Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate (St Pats)
Chicago Blackhawks Reverse Retro
Boston Bruins Winter Classic (B)
Edmonton Oilers 40th Anniversary
Minnesota Wild Winter Classic
New Jersey Devils Reverse Retro
Carolina Hurricanes Alternate (Whalers)
Ottawa Senators Old Home
Ottawa Senators Old Away
Carolina Hurricanes Reverse Retro
New Jersey Devils Alternate
Buffalo Sabres Old Home
Buffalo Sabres Old Away
San Jose Sharks Reverse Retro
Detroit Red Wings Reverse Retro
Detroit Red Wings Away
Detroit Red Wings Home