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May 9, 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>XBestOneYetX</b></div><div>The Buch trade was bad, I won't deny it... but Adams hasn't traded Eichel yet so I wouldn't be so fast to talk to about bad deals as there aren't many teams that can take Eichel unless the Sabres agree to retain salary. Adams overplayed his hand and should never have kept Eichel past the draft. Also Tinordi is only in the lineup to fight Wilson! Let's get that straight ha.</div></div>

No doubt- everything about the Buch trade was/is disappointing...and for that to be one of Drury's first big decisions did't help. But there are a lot of questions we'll never have an answer to: mainly how far apart were he and NYR; and what other offers were out there for Buch- who was arb eligible, coming off a big year, and able to go UFA in a year. As far as the return- Blais is no Buch- but many hockey guys think he can be a real contributor- and may have another gear in what he brings. And the 2nd round pick (should they keep it) may very well be a pick in the 40's or 50's in a supposedly very deep draft.
As far as Tinordi- the guy really isn't an NHL player...when NYR play Wash opening night in addition to the new guys, Kreider, Trouba, and Lindgren will be playing...hopefully along with Goodrow and Blais the physical component is already in the lineup...otherwise dress Tinordi as a 7D and go with 11F in games where his presence is needed...Hopefully his services are better put to use in Hartford as a protective measure for our youngins who we need to develop in what can be a bloodbath in the AHL.
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