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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>XBestOneYetX</b></div><div>As Aecliptic said, JD said the Rangers will not have 3 goalies and Hank told teammates after the last loss in the play in round goodbye as per Hajek. Hank gets bought out, that gives the Rangers 23 million in cap room. This team was utterly dominated by the Canes, they need a 2nd line center and a left handed d-man to play top pair minutes. There will be moves, likely Tony D and Strome moved while their value is highest along with the 22nd pick, guys like Anderson and Rykov who will not get a chance here also thrown into deals.</div></div>

Yes...the Rangers did say they wouldn't carry 3 goalies...yes- Hank supposedly gave some good byes. But do I believe it all? No- not until I see it...just like nobody would have predicted the Staal trade...lots of posturing going on. Did the Rangers get crushed by the Canes? Uh...yeah...but I wouldn't put too much weight on a short series after a 4+ month absence. I'm sure the Rangers will make some moves- they do need a 2C and a 1or 2 LD...but going "all in" to get a guy like Cirelli, Danault, and (of course) Eichel would probably involve parting with big pieces which the team has gone to great lengths to accumulate...In the end if a good trade is there- I have no problem with going for it...but the types of players we need will not come cheap or easy...JD has been preaching patience since he arrived...I would be surprised if we jumped the gun on any big name trade.