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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhavikp27</b></div><div>But Strome has mostly played at C and isn't he better at C than RW? Idk about giving up Heinen+1st.

No thanks, bit too much better deal for NYR than BOS</div></div>

For whatever reason lots of Ranger fans are not enamored by Strome...he played to a 40+ point pace last year...on a terrible team...after he was acquired- but many fans dismiss his production as unsustainable due to shooting %....this year he is on a 75 point pace- yet the same fans dismiss this due to his playing with Panarin...I guess the source of dislike of Strome is the assumption that the Rangers will resign him- and his cap hit and roster spot will block out developing prospects....in any case, since coming to NY- all Strome has done is show he can be a productive player...I think he could be real effective for the Bruins in the 2RW role or 3C/3RW role. And although he has arbitration rights he is RFA this year...so there still is a measure of cost control. The other part of this deal is the cap dump...Backes for Smith (w/retained salary) saves about 3M in cap next year- and Smith should be easy to deal after 7/1 bonus paid because his cap hit will exceed the money owed to him (Ottawa always mentioned as likely to be interested)...The piece Im not too familiar with here is Heinen...I included him because he's listed as a healthy scratch- yet makes 2.8M...if he is that indispensable, another player can be put in his place...the important thing for the Rangers is the late 1st.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>Kreider to the Avs would be a good fit but you are over rating his value. He is producing at a 2nd/3rd line Winger this season.
He wont get Prime young top prospects back. Look at Hayes trade, he got a 4th line winger and a late 1st round pick back, who is a C and was having a career year offensively. In what world does Kreider demand even the same return being only a Winger (who hold the least position value in trades in the league) and is having a down offensive year.

Team wont be shelling out 1st rounders straight up in a strong draft year for him, he hasn't separated himself from other trade deadline options. If they play down to the wire game again like they did with Hayes and Zucc, teams who wanted him will move on to other options</div></div>

Of course we always compare players' value to the values exchanged in previous trades...but in the end what really sets value is what the market will bear- which is a function of where the teams are, injuries, etc. You may be right... maybe he doesn't bring back a 1st...but if a few teams are bidding the cost will go up. As you mention his numbers this year are down- although he has recently picked up play- but CK will improve any teams chances of getting through the list of teams I gave above... and although (as Rangers fans should know) it's not a good idea to sell out your future- COL has such a deep prospect pool it might not hurt to part with one to really go for the CUP...and don't forget: Keane is included here...he has really been coming along at Hartford and could prove to be a valuable NHL player in a year or two.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>I would rather keep Ceci for this year in hopes of a long playoff run. Despite what you have read on CapFriendly he's been OK and as good as Barrie this season. Skjei, Georgiev, Buch for Nylander and Hutch and let's say prospect. Long Island native RW Bracco. Gee I think that could be a deal from me. (I would have to sold on Skjei). Nylander seems to found his game. But Leafs solidify in two positions defence and goal and lose some on the wing. Nylander might transition to centre if Rangers don't resign Strome. Good thought on Skjei...though many of my Leaf friends who think Nylander is that elite will disagree.</div></div>

Skjei, Buch, and Georgi for Nylander, Hutch, and Bracco...done!...seriously, though- don't think NYR are shopping Skjei right now- but someone (prob ADA at this point) will have to be moved for Cap reasons and to make room for a few promising prospects coming up...Add to that the 2021 Exp Draft and Skjei mod NTC kicking in after this year- and I can't see why the NYR wouldn't at least listen to offers involving him ,

As far as Skjei's value- definitely not as high as it could be- but I would attribute that to the porous D system the team plays- which gives up the Blue Line, allows speedsters (like Nyllander) to set up shop and pin them in their own end, seems to allow cross ice passes, and the result is always a barrage faced by the goalie....several players have struggled in this system after being adequate elsewhere...and several have moved to other teams to flourish (or at least be competent) after struggling here...I think the later would be the case with Skjei- who with his size, skating ability, and talent would fit in nicely as a 2nd pairing LD on a playoff team...and he is under contract 4 more years. So for TOR, the question would include what they are doing with Muzzin beyond this year...but in the immediate a left side featuring Skjei and Muzzin would bring speed and physicality so needed in the playoffs...and if Buch could slide into the top 6...next to Mathews or Tavares- I think you would be surprised at the production you could get out of him.
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