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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KakkoForMauriceRichardAward</b></div><div>Dude, Claesson sucked for us last season and we have Miller, Rykov and Hajek coming up! Play one of the kids!

Fast can be resigned, if you don't make a few mistakes here: Strome is worth 4 mil MAX, if he wants 4,5 mil or more, then trade him for a pick or two and sign a cheaper for the PK. Also, Hank will likely retire so you can just put his whole contract on LTIR. If not, terminate his deal altogether. With that, Fast can be easily resigned... 3 years, 2,75 mil AAV.

Lemieux is worth slightly more than that, I'd argue that he'll get paid 3 years at 1,75 mil per.

Lias is a tough one. If he wants to come back ans try to become a good bottom six defensive forward he's more than welcomed to, however it's likely we move him in a package deal.</div></div>

If Hajek, Miller or Rykov are NHL ready- I would certainly play them over Claesson ...my point here was not to endorse Claesson- but to sign him or another cheap LD option to keep roster filled- and avoid playing Staal- until the young guys are ready....don't want to rush any of them- I believe Hajek was close to (if not ) the worst statistical Dman before he got hurt this year...and Rykov is supposedly behind him.

As far as Hank's retirement- correct me if I am wrong- but I believe even if he retires the team is hit with 3M cap recapture...in any case- I do like Fast- but RW gets pretty crowded- with Krav hopefully coming up....something has to give- and unfortunately I see that as Fast going.

Lemiuex has had a rough season since his injury- I belirve enough to suppress what they will pay...but I wont argue too much 1.25 vs 1.75M....do think he has a place on this team going forward for the $ both of us are talking.

Lias- good chance he will never see NY in a Ranger jersey...I would just like to see him get another shot. He will never live up to what we want a #7 pick to be...but there is still a lot of value in him as an ultra competitive bottom 6 grinder- a puck hound who other players hate to play against. As far as moving him- I feel he has such little value right now that it would be a better situation to sit on him (or how about give another chance?) rather than trade him at bottom value- only to see him emerge as a valuable mid 6 presence on another team.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Spanky227</b></div><div>who said anything about a lottery first for CK? After rangers sell off they are bound to fall in the standings. I don't think they will make the playoffs, so they'll have a lottery pick-- which means they have the potential to have a top 3 pick (even if it's not probable). I do not think the rangers have a high probability of this, I'm just saying it would be stupid to resign kreider and have Lafreniere's or Stutzle's path to a top 6 LW spot blocked. I'm saying they should follow what the Yankees did a few years back (assuming they don't get a top 3 pick). I know it's baseball but look what the yankees did with Chapman-- they traded him when they weren't playoff bound for Gleyber Torres (stud prospect) and then resigned Chapman in the offseason. All I'm saying is it would be in the best interest of the <em>team</em> to do the same, even if they are interested in keeping CK.

Rangers can talk to CK now about extension and even though it may not be "ethical" they can talk about giving him the opportunity to go for a cup this year and then resigning him to a deal in the summer-- if he really wanted to stay with the rangers he can still take a discount (look at david perron, exposed in expansion draft then signed a team friendly deal with the team that gave him up). The only way your logic works is if the rangers were signing him to a 8 year deal (please god no) for the cap hit to be a bit lower-- they won't be able to if they trade him, the max would be 7 but in the example you say it would be 6 years so it wouldn't be affected.</div></div>

OK..I think I'm understanding you a little better...you're suggesting trading him for assets now...and then trying to sign him when he goes UFA...I don't want to dismiss that plan...right now anything can happen. I just think that if he offers any "hometown discount"- that will come before TDL (and probably would have already presented itself). If they do trade him to a team they know will be hard pressed to resign him- then the possibility does exist that they jump into the UFA bidding for him. I just think at that point all Kreider will consider will be 7 year offers starting at 7M. I don't think the Rangers will go for that. If they really still want him and they are close right now on money AND term then make it happen ASAP. I wouldn't worry about creating a path for any prospect...that's a good problem to have which you solve when it presents itself as a problem- and if lucky enough to have that problem there should be many options to work it out.
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