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Thread: Eichel Odds
Hey man, I don't think you're too far off here, but I also think you're overlooking the ace in the hole that the Coyotes have in any Eichel deal.. which is the 32 mil in cap space. What that means is the Coyotes can take the full freight of Skinner too. Now I understand that Skinner has the NMC but I can't imagine he wouldn't waive it.

So in crafting a deal, I'd add Skinner from Buffalo, drop the 2022 1st (I know you're getting Eichel but just in case he gets hurt/the bottom falls out, you can't give up a top 3 pick in the upcoming Shane Wright, Savoie, Lambert draft). Also, as a fellow Coyotes fan, I love Maccelli and think he's got a chance to be real good but idk if he would move the needle as much as someone like Jenik, who is already over in North America and has the better pro body.

My trade would be
Buffalo gets:
CBJ 2021 2nd
ARZ 2022 1st (top 3 protected) - if it's in the top 3 it becomes the 2022 2nd.
ARZ 2023 1st

Coyotes get:

But this is good roster. I've got other small tweaks, like I wouldn't give Goose 2 years, he's gonna be 36, he's a 1 year only. Same with Statsny, he's 35, I'm not doing more than 1 year. I like Hakanpää but he's not mobile enough, yes he's a righty but he's almost identical to Bush and if you have both that means one is playing in your top 4 (and that's bad). The Tatar call is great, i think he's so underrrated and if you had Eichel, you can play him on the second line with Schmaltz.

Anyways, always love to see good thoughtful Yotes rosters on here.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 6 at 11:07