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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>trickydick55</b></div><div>i just don't see how Marner is going to take that deal and if contract talks continue to stall, someone will be willing to offer sheet him for 5 yrs just under the 4 1st threshold. the question is: will an offer sheet be used by marner's agent to get a deal he thinks the leafs will sign that gives him what he wants (like Aho's agent did) or will it be an aggressive 10+ million dollars offer sheet.</div></div>

Ok.......I will play along because I have time and switched to the IMAC so I have a real keyboard.

So your suggestion is Marner signs a 5 yr (his supposed first choice for term) deal and you are suggesting at 10.4 million AAV so as not to be the 4 firsts.

Is there anyone out there who thinks the Leafs would not match that offer I mean I think they match that offer for sure. Its an over pay but even if its loaded with signing bonus payments is that really something that would be a barrier to Dubas. Look at every contract they sign and its all signing bonus' so doing that won't be a problem.

I get that Marner might want an offer sheet that overpays him and that is for 5 years. But, if the Leafs are going to match it then tell me who makes that offer, some GM who wants to "screw the Leafs".

They only way I see a team agreeing to offer sheet Marner is if they think they will get him. That means going over 11 million or maybe even 12 million (god forbid) plus give up the 4 first round picks.

Who do you suggest is the team that is going to offer that?

Carolina has the cap space but do you think they are going to do it at that level. I mean they just agreed to pay Aho almost 22 million in the next year, now you want them to pay Marner 25 or 30 million on top of that, plus overpay him AAV, plus give up the picks.............I think the owner has the money but he isn't looking to screw Toronto, her is looking to screw with Montreal......Personally I don't see it.

Montreal just made a sheet so we know they are open to the idea and they have the cap space. Plus the Habs you would think would love to steal this guy from the hated Maple Leafs . But do you see them giving up the 4 firsts plus the 11 or 12 million it would take. I mean if they were going to go to that level wouldn't they have at least gone that high on Aho who was there initial target instead of lowballing the AAV like they did to not give up the picks......... I think Connor or Laine or Tkachuk would be more likely to be next on there list of guys.

Long Island, I mean Lou must want to screw Dubas. Plus he has the cap space and he just lost out offering Panarin over 11 million. Of course, Panarin doesn't cost the 4 firsts plus the 11 or 12 million AAV. I think Lou will pass and hope to build something on his own. Lou is old school and likes his first round picks. Handing those picks to the hated Dubas would I think take all the joy away from his getting Marner. Imagine the look on Marner face if he was suddenly faced with playing the next 5 years under a coach T system. Not likely Mitch takes that chance.

Winnepeg, Calgary, Edmonton, St Louis, Minnesota, Chicago, Buffalo, NYR, Washington, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Tampa, Dallas, Nashville, Arizona, Los Angelos, Anaheim, Vegas all have there own cap problems and would have to jump through hoops to make a sheet.

I guess we could go on looking at every team out there but I think I made my point. Offer sheets are rare and GM's don't make them unless they think they will not be matched.

AHO's agent played Montreal and I don't think you will see that happen again and certainly not with the Leafs.
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