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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jamiepo</b></div><div>For all our sake I hope you are wrong about marner. I’m all out of guesses though. That term to me screams arb in year four straight to ufa and off the leafs.</div></div>

I dunno. I don't interpret players wanting shorter term deals as them wanting to leave the team as soon as possible. The fluctuating cap has made long term contracts unpredictable. Agents of young superstars don't want their guys to be like a Mackinnon or even Crosby...guys who signed long term deals that, after 3 years, make it seem like they're vastly underpaid.

So agents are either pushing for long term deals on an AAV that is way beyond what anyone thinks is fair market value, or they want short term deals at an amount that ignores the traditional "2nd contract" and pays the guys performing in their prime right away. Teams are obviously trying to fight that trend...but with the way the game has changed, players are hitting their prime much earlier (and leaving their prime earlier too)...so makes sense for contracts to start reflecting that...young guys getting the big money and vets in their 30s battling for fringe money to keep playing.

I think it's more about maximizing dollars during the time period when the player's value is highest versus simply wanting the flexibility to leave the team asap.

If the leafs can afford to pay these guys fairly and ice a competitive team year after year, there's likely not a whole lot of incentive to want to leave.

I'd love to see an amendment to the CBA/Cap where there's some cap relief to teams when signing 2nd contracts Even something like only 75% of the AAV on 2nd contracts 5 years or longer in length counts against the cap...that way teams don't get penalized for drafting well and the players have an incentive to sign past their UFA years
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Marner's camp has been planning to piggy back off of Matthews' number for the last 2 years. Well before any of the contracts were handed out. It's why they insisted on Matthews getting signed first and has nothing to do with them thinking Dubas is a sucker.

It would be tough for any of us to get hired at the same time as someone else. Out perform them. Have a significantly better attendance record, but find out they got a bigger bonus/raise than you.

People are hating on Marner but it's his dad/agent pushing for top dollar. We don't know yet when, or if, Marner will actually step in over rule them....but they're well within reason by pushing for Matthews type numbers.

If there were no cap...we wouldn't care what he got paid. As fans we want it to be as little as possible because it allows a better team to be assembled around him. I get that. I feel the same way. I also acknowledge the argument of top line C vs playmaking winger. That's obviously the leafs' point of view too which is why there's still no deal.

Based on various reports, I think there was at least one other team that negotiated an offer sheet with Ferris, and my gut says that Marner refused to sign it. I'm guessing they also already have a number, north of $10m, that's been offered. But Ferris wants that on a short term deal and leafs are only offering it on 6+ years.

I dunno....I get why they feel they can hold out for more $$ or shorter term, but I don't see the leafs budging. I think Dubas has done everything he can to maximize the available space to sign Marner...and he's willing to give him all that space on a long term deal...but if it were me, I'd give Marner up to 2 weeks into the season to sign it, otherwise I'm using that space to fill other needs and he can sit out until next year when his value will be stagnant at best.
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