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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>This trade isn't nearly as bad for Calgary as everyone thinks/says it is. Everybody has to step back and look at the math.

Calgary and Edmonton are not New York or Los Angeles, or Toronto. Neal's contract was/is all salary, equally spread. Thus the Flames owed Neal $23 million over the next four years. In contrast, Lucic's contract was front-loaded and there was a $3 million signing bonus that Edmonton just paid, so Lucic is owed a total of $16 million by Calgary for the same period. Now subtract the retention ($3 million), and Calgary saves $10 million in real cash by this trade. Now $10 million to us sitting in the comfort of our armchairs at home may not seem important, but to the Calgary GM it means that he can offer a free agent next summer a $2.5 million signing bonus in every year on a four-year contract -- money he didn't have before, but which may mean the difference between being able to sign Matt Duchene or Artemi Panarin and being able to sign Ryan Dzingel. So although Edmonton may be the winner on the ice, Calgary is the winner at the bank.</div></div>

Solid thoughts OldNYIfan. Edmonton fans are saying they got rid of the worst contract in the NHL. if you believe that Neal and Lucic are apples to apples the same caliber of player(which i do). Technically speaking, Edmonton is paying $500'000 more for "the worst contract in the NHL". They came away from that deal paying even more!? they added to that contract! And they lost a 3rd round pick too (because those conditions are never gonna be met.)!? Yeah, Calgary Wins.