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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dtd_tank</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JuniorGM</b></div><div>So Jets are giving up their best dmen and the main piece coming back would be their 7-8th best forward? That makes no sense.</div></div>

Green replaces Trouba for this year at very little cost increase, and can be traded at deadline if WPG is outside the playoff bubble. Saarijarvi is arguably Detroit's top RHD prospect and will play on WPG's blue line in a year or two, but is admittedly not likely to have the same ceiling as Trouba.

Main piece coming back is AA. He can step right in at 3C or as a 2nd line winger. He's speedy and great on the PK.

Abdelkader is slightly better in career PPG than Matthias, with a worse contract. Detroit retains salary on him and offers the 2nd.</div></div>

So green (offensive dmen) replaces the jets best defensive dmen. Abdelkader is a bad contract (jets need caproom next 2 yrs) so thats a negative. Again where is AA playing in the jets top 6? he isn't. Also matthias was an elite Pker before last season but was horrible for the jets because PK is very systems based so likely AA won't have a good effect on the jets PK. I get people think Trouba is overratted but he is the hardest shaker to replace value wise on this jets team. Top pair dmen. Buff is older and likely a 2nd pair guy. Same with enstrom and myer is a 2nd pair guy. Only player that might be a top pair dmen next for the jets other than trouba is morrissey if he takes another set. Oh and the jets made it clear this off season that they are in win now mode so players being ready in a 1-2 wont interest them. Wings have nothing the jets would want for Trouba. not saying Wings have bad player just that they arent a fit for a trouba trade.
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