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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Copenhagen</b></div><div>So Oilers should get Holl and be in the same situation as Sandin with Broberg. Makes sense. Holl is terrible anyway and should be in the AHL like I said.
Edmonton has 60k free space, so not sure where all this money is coming from?

Here are JP's numbers. Why would Oilers want to get rid of him unless he wants to go?
Sorry you are all about the points and not analytics.

Puljujärvi stats

Here are some more of his underlying numbers, and how they rank among the aforementioned 171 players:

CF/60 – 1st
CA/60 – 29th
SCF/60 – 23rd
SCA/60 – 128th
GF/60 – 55th
GA/60 – 9th
xGF/60 – 5th
xGA/60 – 69th

I hope you see why we want to keep him and not give him away for a UFA in 1 (ONE) year???
Terrible trade.</div></div>

I feel like it's very obvious that EDM has been trying to move Puljujärvi, and he wants out. I haven't really paid TOO much attention to EDM and their games, but it seems like fans are 50/50 on him being moved, and the team itself has already sort of moved on. It believe I have also seen that EDM is disappointed in the lack of interest for Puljujärvi, so it's not like the price will be astronomically high.

And again, Holl isn't an AHL defenseman, he improved towards the end of the year and was actually pretty damn good in the playoffs, it just seems that Leafs fans (somewhatmmyself included) have moved on. Even the past 2 years before this one, he was pretty good as a shutdown guy with Muzzin, who could also take some credit for how bad Holl looked this year.

I actually agree with your stance on not trading him, but I think if he were, this would be a decent starting point at the very least.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 20, 2022 at 12:49 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Copenhagen</b></div><div>JP was hurt the whole 2nd half of last year. Do you need me to post his analytics for you?
And Holl is an AHL d-man that takes up cap space..
You should keep Kerfoot if he is that good. In fact all you leafs fans should stop trying to dump him and the other 2 players.
Oilers have what 60K in cap space and nobody wants Foggle.</div></div>

They aren't being "dumped" because they are bad, they are because they don't really have a place on the team anymore. EDM has more money to spend across their team than TOR because they have better contracts than the Leafs.

Muzzin's $5.6M won't do well, especially when we have Sandin ready to take his spot. Holl doesn't really have chemistry with this team anymore, but he would still be decent in bottom-4 shutdown minutes. You guys already have Nurse and Bouchard, so you don't need Barrie anymore, especially when he doesn't provide anything defensively. Holl is cheap, and with what RHD have been going for (Jones, Gudbranson, etc.), this great value. Also, Kerfoot isn't being shopped around because he is bad, he is because he is making a bit too much against the cap and we can find similar production elsewhere (Puljujärvi). While Kerfoot may not have much of a shot, he is coming off of a career year where he had 50 points, played both centre and the wing, and was a VERY good asset on one of the league's top penalty kill units. He will be a great fit with EDM in a top-9 role, and he makes everyone he plays with better.
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