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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BurgerBoss</b></div><div>This doesn't really help Dallas' biggest problem - the goal scoring. Hayes has been pretty good, but he has only 10 goals. Burakovsky has only 6.

For the sake of comparison, our Finnish d-men, Heiskanen and Lindell have the same amount of goals. Heiskanen has 9 goals, and Lindell has 7.

There trades are value-wise ok, but they don't help Dallas' biggest weakness that much.

I'd rather get for example Kreider from NYR. He's a nice goal scorer.</div></div>

I mostly agree, though I do believe this would inch us up in goal production, it definitely wouldn't be by much. I like the Hayes addition if we can sign him to essentially replace Spezza down the middle beyond just this season. Will also add though, if you're adding current roster players to each deal (Nichushkin &amp; Janmark), then trading away Ritchie and Honka might be better served for the offseason if you believe those deals will get you in the playoffs. Otherwise you've depleted your depth, and could pay for it if any injuries hit during the run.

Kreider is definitely high on my target list if the price is right. I also believe Ferland could be a nice add given it wouldn't cost as much.

My bet is Nill is looking for value adds that won't cost much, yet could provide boosts offensively. He believes the team is close, and has leaned on the fact D and G are top in the league. If he can provide a spark to lift the offensive production, this team could definitely make a run. Hoping he doesn't stand pat like last year, as it's evident we need support on our 2nd line.
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