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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pocke</b></div><div>6+12 is worth more than the 3 alone based on the work done for Average Draft Pick Position GSVA. In terms of that sheet, 6+12 = 3 + 29. I can see Arizona wanting the more premium asset for Cooley, but Gauthier/Savoie/Jiricek + the 12 could help an org still a bit starved for assets. Just as well, the top tier starts to fall off at 12 so you're getting 2 picks within that. AZ having a lot of picks certainly makes the deal harder, but I think there's an angle that still works considering the upgrade.

If you'd like 12 + Ceulemans+ I think that's a deal that CBJ can make very easily. We don't have much as far as roster players for trade. Jenner isn't really tradeable and has an NTC. Nyquist and Voracek could be dealt for sure. Otherwise you're looking at Bean/Peeke or a roster playing prospect like Texier or Bemstrom. If CBJ get Chychrun and get to keep Boqvist I think they'd be happy to part with a further off prospect. Bjorkstrand and Roslovic have just signed deals and likely are too good to also be parting with the 12.</div></div>

Appreciate the answer! Good reasoning. I agree that the price is what you said for the pick swap, but every year is different and every team have own charts for respective year. Aaron Portzline had a good article in the Athletic about this a few days ago from Columbus' view. Since there is a clear top 3, I'd argue this year doesn't need an additional pick added. I do also find the appeal with those two picks.

I find it interesting you would give up Cuelemans that easily. Other CBJ fans I've talked to are more hesitant and would rather give up Boqvist. 12th + Cuelemans + is one of, if not the most, preferred deals for Chychrun for me personally. If that last piece is Texier it's a slam dunk for me, but I think Texier holds too much value for that to be fair for Columbus. Perhaps Bean is more fair. The deal could always be balanced with picks. All in all, it's potentially 2 top 4 D in Cuelemans and Korchinski/Mintyukov. It makes a lot of sense for Arizona in my mind.