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Thread: Future Pt 1
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Thread: Future Pt 1
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Thread: Future Pt 1
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Hey guys, please give this a look as well as part 2, 3, and 4. Tell me what you think! I know it's pretty crazy and unrealistic(at least the next parts are) look forward to your feedback!</div></div>

I like it. You put a lot of thought into this!! Just read part 4 and if that’s the team we end up with wow what a fun team to watch. I love the Sergachev idea. As I’ve mentioned I believe next year we would draft in the 10-20 neighborhood so giving up a 1st for a proven, young, super talented D I have no issue with. The draft is a crap shoot especially after the top 5 or so. Also the DeAngelo trade is fine with me. Last time I believe you had Roy in there and I like swapping in walker, Kupari I think he may end up like Wagner, fast but no finish, Grunion and Pro don’t seem to fit what coach likes and durzi is a ways off. So now Doughty, Sergachev, DeAngelo are protected in expansion draft so that leaves Roy vulnerable. The Kopi trade I like assuming Vilardi and Turcotte become what we think they will be. But I doubt it happens. I like that you have Parik as the backup. Now this is a kid we don’t hear much about. Watched him play twice as well as occasional highlight videos. This kid makes highlight real saves multiple times a night. Reminds me of Quick in the sense that he battles, you think he’s done and he comes sliding across feet and arms going every direction and makes the save out of nowhere. He even scored a goal so his puck handling is pretty good, and his celebration was epic. Kids got tons of energy and He’s a fighter, never gives up, that’s something you can’t teach and other players feed off that, we used to see that with quick all the time, big sprawling save, we go the other way and score. He could push Peterson if he reaches his potential I believe. and we’ve had great luck with Billy getting goalies dialed in. I think Billy will calm him down a bit, work on his positioning and ability to read a play so he doesn’t have to make so many of those saves but he will always have that athletic ability to do it when needed. I really like this kid. But overall good job man. These are so hard to do. So many variables but we are looking good. I’m real excited about this teams future. When we first won the cup I wasn’t even this excited. That team was all heart and soul and fight. I liked them but I’ve never seen the kings stockpiled with this much potential. Training camp is gonna be epic. Guys are gonna have to really push to get a spot now!!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bf3351</b></div><div>Lombardi built a contender almost from the ground up and the result was 2 stanley cups, almost 3. He did whatever it took to win. That's why I love Lombardi.

As far as Blake goes, my issues with him started from the very beginning. He hired the worst head coach in Philadelphia Flyers because "he's a great friend and a hockey fan and my family knows him" the success of that season is on the players not that coach he had no system. Then fired him the next season after taking forever to realize how trash he is. There were plenty quality coaches out there. Then he makes Willie D the interm head coach? One of the worst coaches in Vancuvers history. I was so upset when he hired Todd, but luckily Todd seems to know what he's doing. We haven't had a coach like that since Daryl Sutter. We should have hired Alain V imo though.

As far as the prospects go all that credit goes to Yannetti and all of his scouts. Blake does really nothing in that area. All Blake has to do is not trade any of those picks.

So ask yourself this, what has Blake really done other than make mistakes up in that office?

If I'm the Kings owners I want him to make a splash this off season picking up RFA defensemen. To show he's in for the success if the future. Any GM can just sit back and let the scouts draft. Unless he wants to spend another 5+ years doing what he's doing now he could make this very easy and go after Sergachev and/or Deangelo and draft a winger in the 1st round and let the kids play and in 3 years we could be contenders again, who knows. It wouldn't be rushed either. We already have the best pipeline. Most rebuilders pickup a couple players from other teams in the rebuilding process.</div></div>

Yeah the Stevens hire was bad. Agree. Willie D I read after the fact that he was hired knowing that Blake was hiring Tmac at the end of the season. Tmac wanted that whole season for family reasons. Willie was just trying to get his foot back in the nhl. That’s why the interim label was never removed. True or false who knows. One issue I had with Lombardi was our first round picks. He was very involved with the first round selections and we ended up with guys like Forbort, Lewis, Colton Teubert etc. instead of Giroux, Tarasenko etc. I think the only one I agreed with at the time was Doughty and that was a no brainer. When Futa and Yannetti were allowed to do their thing in the later rounds we ended up with guys like Quick, Martinez, Toffoli etc so I do give Blake credit for letting his scouts run the draft cuz it’s easy to be a power trip when your a boss. He’s let his guys do their thing and look at the talent we have now and upcoming. I said before I’ve been a fan since before Gretzky and I’ve never seen us have such a stockpile of talent. I believe Blake has done well in signing free agent prospects as well. Peterson, Walker, Lizotte, Rempal, Brinkley, your fav Iafallo,lol, I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I’ve also been pretty satisfied with his trades. The only 2 I didn’t like are the Pearson trade and Kabalik but no one saw Kubalik doing what he’s done. That’s hindsight. My main complaint was signing Kovy. After that Vegas series it was pretty clear to me that our team was done. I thought the rebuild showed of started that summer. So my mind will be made up the next 2 seasons. I think we are loaded with prospects and it will be interesting to see who he keeps, who he packages for help, free agents etc. I think the next 2 years will cement where he stands as a GM. Much respect to your opinion, we are both pulling for the same thing. I’m on the Sergachev train right there with you!!!!