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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheEarthmaster</b></div><div>Wait why does it make sense for the Blues? Krug-Scandella-Dunn is a perfectly fine left side and we have quite a few prospects there too, why would be trade a bunch of high picks to a (usually) division rival when we have *checks notes* five of of our top nine forwards injured, not to mention Ekholm will be due a raise and Scandella won't be by the end of his deal and that's not going to help keep our window open. What helps keep the window open is having picks to draft players on ELCs so that when other guys price themselves out you have replacements.</div></div>

Very true, I guess St.Louis is pretty dinged up rn, I didn't take that into consideration cuz I was more focused on next year, but yeah I guess instead of getting Ekholm they should use the draft capital to replenish forward depth. You could probably trade the Bozak contract and picks to get a solid top 9 forward. When it came to Dunn I just remembered their being issues with him and management it seems and I don't think they wanna pay him what he's worth (or at least what he thinks he's worth). Buffalo will have a lot of cap next year and very little d-men signed so Dunn will be a welcome for them. Ik Ekholm needs a big deal after but I think St.Louis will probably be able to bring in another top 4 at that time like a veteran who can compliment Faulk, Krug, and Parayko. Guys available that Summer of 2022 will be Giordano, Leddy, Murphy, Lindholm, Risto and Chiarot. Ekholm is a guy who rn when the team is healthy (especially in 2022) can help push this core to another cup ring before they start to regress. Thats just my thoughts on this.