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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>Price is mostly an elite goalie right now. Like anyone, he isn’t 100% consistent, and he has his off nights. There aren’t really any games in the last while where I’d say he’s been bad, except for whatever reason, in November for the past 2 years.

Montreal is no longer the team they were in 14-15 when Price won the Hart. They have great SAT percentages, and usually outshoot their opponents quite a bit. There haven’t been too many games where Price is able to show how important he is. The amount of games Price has quote unquote “stolen” each season has been lower recently than it has been before, but that’s just due to the habs improving.

At this point I’d say that over the past year or 2, Price has been good for most games, bad very rarely, and amazing a few times.

Is he elite? I couldn’t tell you. “Elite” doesn’t really have any kind of tangible meaning. Is he the best goalie in the NHL? Probably not. Goalies are so hard to differentiate, and a lot of how they play depends on the team around them. All I can say for sure is that Carey is a starting goalie, and that there’s not much that separates a lot of the good goalies in the league.

What I can say is that he is great for the Canadiens, and for them, well worth his contract. Price isn’t going anywhere, so it doesn’t really matter how he stacks up to other goalies, or whether his work is recognized with a Vezina or not.</div></div>

Well said. I agree 100%, I would only quantify your statement by stating that I feel comfortable ranking him among the top Goalies in the league. How many Goalies have been more consistent over the last 5 years when you consider his team and lack of support? What would Bob's numbers look like if he played for the Habs instead of CBJ? What about Bishop? Rask? Who knows!
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 11:38 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>This is pretty good. Anyways, here are mine:

Carey Price - 90 overall
Shea Weber - 88 overall
Philip Danault - 86 overall
Brendan Gallagher - 86 overall
Tomas Tatar - 86 overall
Jeff Petry - 85 overall
Nick Suzuki - 84 overall, Elite Med
Max Domi - 84 overall, Top 6 F Med
Jonathan Drouin - 84 overall, Elite Med
Ben Chiarot - 83 overall
Joel Armia - 83 overall, Top 6 F Med
Victor Mete - 80 overall, Top 4 D Med
Paul Byron - 80 overall
Artturi Lekhonen - 80 overall, Top 9 F Med
Jake Evans - 78 overall, Top 9 F Med
Brett Kulak - 78 overall, Top 6 D Med
Charles Hudon - 78 overall, Top 9 F Med
Dale Weise - 77 overall
Jordan Weal - 77 overall
Charlie Lindgren - 77 overall, AHL Starter Med
Christian Folin - 76 overall
Karl Alzner - 72 overall

In the System
Jesperi Kotkaniemi - 79 overall, Elite Med
Noah Juulsen - 78 overall, Top 4 D Med
Cale Fleury - 78 overall, Top 4 D Med
Alexander Romanov - 76 overall, Elite Med
Gustav Olofsson - 76 overall, Top 6 D Med
Cayden Primeau - 74 overall, Elite Med
Ryan Poehling - 74 overall, Top 6 F Low
Lukas Vejdemo - 74 overall, Top 9 F Med
Cole Caufield - 72 overall, Elite Med
Jesse Ylönen - 70 overall, Top 6 F Med
Mattias Norlinder - 65 overall, Top 4 D High
Josh Brook - 65 overall, Top 4 D Low
Cam Hillis - 65 overall, Top 9 F Med
Arsen Khisamutdinov - 65 overall, Top 9 F Med
Jordan Harris - 64 overall, Top 4 D Med
Jayden Struble - 63 overall, Top 4 D Med
Joni Ikonen - 63 overall, Top 6 F Low
Jacob Olofsson - 63 overall, Top 9 F High
Joël Teasdale - 62 overall, Top 9 F Med
Rafaël Harvey-Pinard - 62 overall, Bottom 6 F Med
Brett Stapley - 62 overall, Bottom 6 F Med
Rhett Pitlick - 61 overall, Top 9 F High
Jacob LeGuerrier - 60 overall, 7th D High
Gianni Fairbrother - 60 overall, Top 6 D Med
Jack Gorniak - 59 overall, Bottom 6 F Low
Frederik Nissen Dichow - 58 overall, Fringe Starter Low
Kieran Ruscheinski - 53 overall, 7th D Med

I didn’t include Fonstad, Houde, McShane, &amp; Henrikson because they aren’t going to be signed.

You asked about Romanov, I think that the potential is good, but he should probably be about a 76. Romanov is a great defenseman. His KHL stats might not show it, but he’s a teenager defenseman in the KHL on one of the deepest teams at D. That is an amazing achievement on its own, considering how ageist Russian hockey is against young players. He barely gets any playing time, and he’s held back so that he can’t show his true skill. In the world juniors he shows exactly what he’s capable of. He’s an amazing skater, with great hands and a great shot. He is a great passer, and his hitting is in the vein of Niklas Kronwall. Coming over to North America will be great for him, where he can really showcase his game to the best of his ability.</div></div>

So to clarify is Romanov like a smart type of player? A guy (like Zach Werenski) who plays the game smart?
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 11:22 am
I don't understand why the prospects overalls are so low. Kotkaniemi, Romanov, Fluery, and Poehling are essentially fringe NHL'rs right now but they have 76, 72, 68, and 67 respectively?

My opinion would be KK ~80, Romanov ~76, Fluery ~77, Poehling ~74. I also feel like Caufield 72 is probably too high. I think the potentials are bang on, maybe change Poehling to low top 6 or a high / med top 9.

Also to touch on Romanov since you mentioned him, I think he's gonna be a solid two way defenseman. He has a hard shot, he uses his speed to maintain a perfect gap control when defending and then join the rush whenever there is an opportunity. He kills plays with his speed, defensive awareness, stick checking, and physicality... then he quickly gets possession and starts the breakout.

Cory Pronman of the athletic was not big on him at first but hes really come to appreciate his transition game and that's what I noticed at the last world juniors too. He can start a break out, like a QB.

He doesn't have high end offensive instincts, but he only gets the opportunity to play offensively at the world juniors where he didn't disappoint. A sportsnet article had an eastern conference executive compare him to Drew Doughty in that he wants to be involved in every play. He said that if a team unleashes him he will show he has a lot more offence in him.

I think high top 4 is bang on for Romanov, he will become a solid two way defenceman if nothing else. Bergevin see's him as a guy who can play 25 minutes a night against the other teams top lines, getting the last 30 seconds of a powerplay to be in the ice when the other team sends out their big guys, etc.

Everything looks good pretty good. Price could be a 87 at least, byron could be higher (especially if lehkonen is an 82). I think tatar, gallagher, and Domi should all be around 85 but can't complain about them being one off. Petry maybe an 86.

Pretty good job.