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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Bonkers, absolutely bonkers I tells ya!

Just looking at it from a Habs perspective but if KH moves out Petry and one of either Desmith or Allen, than this is a masterclass. If he's stuck with Petry/Desmith/Allen for any amount of time it starts to not be as good. Im confident one of Allen/Desmith will be moved quite easily and if Habs retain 50% on Petry now, teams should be knocking down the door to get him. 2.6M for a top 4 dman is great value. Even if he had an off year last year.

Can't wait to see what happens next for the Habs but this appears to be Habs get a 2nd rounder+ Legare + (insert value from future Petry/Desmith trades) for approx 3M in dead cap and 1 less retention spot this year and next. Actually the fact that the Habs moved out Hoffman and Pitlick who are pending UFA's means they actually will have not gained any cap overall but rather swapped approx 3M from this year, to next year in the deal.

Its a very convoluted trade just like the Monahan one but when you look at it in the fine details, this is very smart work for Hughes and company.</div></div>

Do you really think petry gets traded so soon? He blocked the SJ trade for this long. Just curious as to how Montreal fans think he is gonna be gone before the puck drops for 2024.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ghost789</b></div><div>Interesting trade, not quite sure what Pitt is thinking with the whole retaining thing? They get SJ to retain 1.5M off EK but then turn around and retain 1.5M off Petry for MTL? It’s a complete wash , makes no sense.

Dubas wants so bad to win NOW with Pitt to prove himself.. it’s either going 1 of two ways.. either Pitt wins a cup .. which is probably only a 2 year window left or they miss playoffs again/have major injuries and now they’re stuck with paying two RD 16M for the next 4+ years , not a good look. Dubas will be Axed from the league if this doesn’t work out. His handling of contracts and inability to get Toronto over the top with that talent .. what makes u think he can do it with 4 aging 35+ year old star players ? He better be praying.

EK thrives off being “THE GUY” there’s a reason why he struggled when Burns was still in SJ. You can’t have two OFD with EK, he needs to be out there on every PP playing 26+ minutes a night.

SJ comes away as the winner in this all. In 2 years from now it’ll be even more obvious. They dump EK’s huge contract, get 1st round pick and two proven serviceable 2/3rd liners that are responsible 2 way forwards who can teach SJ’s young guys coming up. If both healthy Granlund and Hoff are 50 point guys . Only thing I would’ve like to see is SJ get a B+ or higher level prospect out of this. They only took Rutta because Pitt needed to dump some cap. SJ is 3-4 years away from being a contender again, this window they’ll be free off all bad contacts, Burns, EK, Vlasic, etc They’ll have some solid prospects coming in and will have a ton of cap space to sign some FA’s.</div></div>

Bahahahahahaha. Dude the 1st is even top 10 protected. SJ got fleeced because their owners suck. SJ fans trying to back track like they all wanted to just dump salary when a week ago they wanted 3 first round assets for EK alone. Just stop. SJ also isnt competing anytime soon. In 4 years they still wont be relevent and will be the laughing stock they always have been. Theyre the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NHL.
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