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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Capitalfail67</b></div><div>All around play. His value in general. Skill and cap hit I would take him over Nylander every time. Skill is very very close but then you factor in cap and it’s not even close</div></div>

Sorry, but the majority of that is just words. I'm not even necessarily saying you're wrong, but there is no real substance to anything you said other than their cap hits (which is irrelevant in determining who is 'better' in any comparison). Like it's a fact that Lindholm is better because 'all around play' and 'skill'? Ok, I guess...

I'd prefer Willy over him because Nylander is a far superior transition player. He produces at a higher rate 5v5 rate. He produces at a higher rate in general - even if you just go by the past 3 year sample rather than career as to eliminate anything too far back to matter Lindholm barely gets the edge even though those 3 years include his career best year and Nylander's career worst. He has better underlying numbers (shots, IPP, xG, shot assists, etc). Has better relative possession numbers. Lindolm has also ridden a very high shooting % over the last couple of years (well above his career average) suggesting a likely regression whereas Nylander's over the last couple of years has been bang on his average over that span...

Lindholm is a better defensive player, (though this past year he wasn't much more than average in that regard), I just don't think that that <em>quite</em> makes up for everything else. It certainly makes it close, but I still take Nylander.