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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>I know this isn't the first time this idea has been thought of, but I'm looking to see the reaction to allowing 20 teams into the Stanley Cup playoffs. The most common formula to make this happen is going back to Conference seedings and have a 4 team playoff qualifier Round. Teams 1-6 in each Conference get a 'bye' week while Team 7 plays Team 10 and Team 8 plays Team 9 in a quick best out of 3 Games Round. Having Team 9 and 10 Team play Game 1 at home than both Game 2 and 3 would be played at Team 7 and Team 8 home, so a 3 games in 5 nights if needed. Though to fit this into the NHL schedule, the Regular season would be reduced to 80 games, meaning every NHL owner would have to give up one home game to increase the potential of making the Playoffs. But by allowing Team 9 and Team 10 host the first game it grants them at least 1 playoff home gate money. Or would the Top 6 Conference Teams suffer from the one week off ?</div></div>

Not yet, but IMO it is on the horizon. When the league expands to 36 from 32 (and they will within the next 10-12 years), they'll have to expand the playoffs to suit owners not happy with a less than 50% chance of playoff home dates. At that point though, you're looking at four divisions/conferences of nine teams. Whether it's a wildcard playoff between 4 and 5 (more likely) or the division winner gets a bye (less likely because, money), would remain to be seen
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