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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>That is not it at all, The other teams actually have to catch up to the Habs in a Canadian division. The question is did they do that? If all of Montreal's adds only add up to an increase of 5 points over last seasons totals against Canadian teams, did Edmonton add enough to overcome 11 points? or Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg add enough to overcome 9 points. IMO none of them did, Montreal had a winning percentage of 67% last season vs Canadian teams the only team with a better winning percentage was Winnipeg at 75%, all other teams were around the 50% mark. The stats do not support your claim that Montreal will be a wildcard team in a Canadian division especially with all of the improvements.</div></div>

It's a bit funny how you're valuing such a small sample size as what will happen over a full (Or even half) season. You're essentially saying "Oh hey, we beat you so we're clearly better than you!"

Well, maybe, but probably not. You also went 0-4-0 against Detroit and Tampa. Two teams at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. You won 1 and lost 2 against Pittsburgh, but beat them in a 5 game series. From a 2 second search, just looking at Toronto, the Habs beat them all three times, but don't take into account that all three games were on the back end of back to backs for the Leafs, never actually facing their starting (Hutch started the first two, and Campbell started the 3rd).

There are literally hundreds of factors that you're discounting, but if you want to roll with "They had a better record against Canadian teams last year over a 13 game sample size!", then giver.

Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 2:02 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>I don't get the hate on you have for the Habs but they added Taffoli and Anderson to Byron, Tatar, Gallagher, Lehkonen, Drouin, Armia all 8 are potential 20+ goal scorers and 40+ point producers and 7 of the 8 are defensively responsible. Add to them Suzuki, Kotkaniemi and Danault and 11 of our 12 forwards could have 20+ goals and 40+ points by seasons end. Then add to that Allen who filled our biggest need and we will get 10-15 more wins this season over last year. BTW Montreal finished with the best regular season record against the other Canadian teams last year with 21 points the next closest were Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg all with 18 points Edmonton had 16 points Ironically Ottawa had 12 points and Vancouver finished last with just 10 points against the other Canadian teams. All of the point data came from hockey reference by filtering each teams schedule down to just Canadian teams. With all of the gains each team made this year Montreal may have actually opened the gap between them and the rest of the Canadian pack. I think any of Toronto, Montreal Calgary or Edmonton can take the division but if you base it on last season's results and add to they the improvements it's Montreal's division to lose</div></div>

Absolutely no hate for the Habs. Like I said, they made some decent additions. I just think it's laughable to think that all of the sudden by adding Anderson (Who, at best is on par with Domi), Toffoli (Who is a good mid 6 fwd), Edmundson (Who, analytically is only a slight upgrade on Karl Alzner), and Allen (Who had a good season last year, after 2 bad ones) all of the sudden turns the Habs into the greatest team of all time? Have they improved? Sure. But you're 100% banking on the fact that everyone improves, and nobody declines.

I get it. It's exciting for Habs fans to make some additions, but you guys act as if every other team just stood pat, and didn't do a friggin' thing :tearsofjoy