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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>reelkena</b></div><div>I will give you the short version. Then one with info.

The short version is, if you looked up defensive liability in the dictionary, you wouldn't see Risto's picture. Because he missed picture day just like he misses every puck.

The longer version is, + - is a weird stat. People think it's dumb because they don't know how it works. How it does work is comparing people on the same team, in the same system with the same win/loss ratio, team goals against, etc.

Risto is a -145 in 500 games
Montour +9 in 75 games (small sample, probably disregard)
Dahlin is a -20 in 150 games on pace for about -65 in 500 games. Dahlin is a better defensemen, nobody is saying Risto is bad because he's not Dahlin. But you don't know how hard it is to be more than twice as bad defensively in a real sample on the same team. (the teams before Dahlin got there are comparable)
McCabe is a -30 in 340 games on pace for a -45. This is the best comparable. Risto lets teams score 3 times as many goals more than the team scores than Jake McCabe, on the same team, in the same system. Risto plays more minutes, which does matter and Risto gets more points, which does matter but in all calculated stats McCabe would be a much better get for any team. He's also making half as much. And there is no way you're trading 4 pieces for Jake McCabe. So now tell me how much you love Risto.</div></div>

Personally, I only look at +- if it's a major outlier. Like -165 in 500 games.
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