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Thread: Flame Away
Here we go!

1: Laine offer sheet is matched and if it wasn't it's a terrible idea to give up the next 4 years 1st's especially as adding a 30-40 goal scoring winger doesn't fix the depth issues.
2: the blue line actually got worse, Riikola isn't NHL ready yet and is a downgrade on even JJ.
3: McCann should be on Crosby's wing, Kahun was brought in for Geno's wing
4: CAR says no value is way off, also Hornqvist probably says no and he's got an NTC
5: why would FLA do this trade Guddy had a bit of form at the end of last season but why would they want his cap hit right now they have a number of depth guys to sign and taking Guddy would put them in cap trouble.
6: Gambling on Pageau is brave after his injury last season, this probably the one trade that would be accepted though why PIT would want it is beyond me.
7: LAK have already had the JJ experiment why would they repeat it after it failed so spectacularly last time? Also, I doubt Jarry is enough to dump his contract anywhere. Think it's time Pens fans accept JJ isn't moving GMJR already said he's tried to move it but couldn't get a deal done.
8: BUF would want more for Ristolainen and again he's a massive downgrade on Schultz so why make the move to replace him. Another deal that fails for everyone involved.
9: you're not getting that return for Schultz, also Sprong was moved out as he's a Top 6 skill guy and they wasn't a roster spot for him, why bring him back to scratch him, what did he do to hurt you let the man play for ANA in peace!
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