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Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 11:56 pm
Foote-largely regarded at the time of the pick as one of the worst first rounders in a weak draft, hasn't done much to improve since
Bouchard-what was he, 8th in a much better draft, had almost fallen, and has already gotten a bit of NHL experience, and has a much higher ceiling (like close to Sandin levels)
Timmins-seems to be extremely highly regarded by Avs fans, I'm not so sure about him tho, he's still good, I'd say similar ceiling at a more valuable position to Foote, but he closer to NHL ready
Harley-considered a good pick in the same draft as Foote, also has developed as expected, some had as many as like 8 d men between the two, and neither have done much to change their stock...
Phil Myers is a weird one, I'd say similar to Timmins, tho idk

Coleman-1.7 p/60 and 1.08 G/60 on probably the worst NHL calibre team in the East, is a very good PKer and was NJD's best defensive forward, and was probably a top 20-30 defensive forward in the game as a whole this year, also makes what, like 1.8 mil, for 1 or two fewer years, and is a few years older, but the age shouldn't make a difference between the 4
Kap-2.12 P/60, 0.83 G/60 on a loaded offensive team... Averageish defensive play iirc, makes more $
Johnsson 2.13 P/60, similar G/60 see Kap for rest
Kerfoot-1.79 P/60, 0.55 G/60, see Kap for rest, but he actually has pretty good defensive play, not nessicarily comparable to Coleman, but certainly not bad

Give Coleman good linemates in TBL he'll easily boost his assist numbers and match if not exceed the TOR guys' scoring rates, not to mention his noticably superior defensive play and good contract, also he plays a "more valuable" position than Kap and Mango.... You def won't get more for any of those guys, especially if you're getting a d spec back, expect it to be a Rassanen type or something, a project
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 10 at 11:31