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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>Kinda crazy for the Leafs to trade the effective Holl for Fabbro right now, and then to add another RHD Hollowell also. And to include Robertson, who if not a regular this year should be next year as the Leafs have three UFAs LWers this summer. And even now, Knies is not a given to be a Leafs this year (or ever)
Gotta think the Hawks will get more for Domi.</div></div>

My take on this is that Holl is gone this offseason no matter what and has been very inconsistent this year. Yes, he plays a lot of minutes right now but that is due to the Top 3 D being injured currently and is not a Top 4 D in my opinion. On any team he should slot in as a 5 or 6 and can penalty kill. I would rather have Sandin and Liljegren getting the 5th and 6th D slots. I think Fabbro has more upside, I like the team control and can see him as a Top 4 on the Leafs. I think the Leafs will give Robertson a shot until the trade deadline and see how he responds. If he grabs the opportunity, then it makes it less likely they will trade him. Knies has been eyeing an oppertunity after the college season and I believe the Leafs are higher on him than Robertson. He has more physicality and Jam to his game where as Robertson is smaller and plays a skilled game, which the Leafs have enough of right now. I personally only like a few D men out there for the Leafs prior to the deadline (Gavrikov, Dumba and Fabbro). I think there main need is a Right-handed D and Fabbro's cap hit, acquisition cost and upside win it for me in my eyes. We shall see ...

As far as the Domi deal - Maybe the Leafs 2024 2nd and Malgin or Abruzzese gets it done.
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