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Forum: Montreal CanadiensThu. at 3:13 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MTLaveragefan</b></div><div>To be honest - I don't think they will rebuid this year - they will trade the UFA and RFA unlikely to resign this year... but they will wait an see next year, after a long offseason where all players will comeback healthy.

Because on paper, habs are not terrible. They are very deep on the wings and OK at center.

They need to fix Petry... but the D is good with all the prospect coming up. Guhle, Romanov, Harris, Xekhaj, Norlinder, Mailloux.

If they start playing terrible once again, then the rebuild will be triggered.

We'll get a top 5 five pick this year... and next year they will propably trade the UFAs again, but keep the guys undercontract. Drouin will leave, Byron will be traded (maybe resigned cheap afterwards), Hoffman will be gone. They will keep guys signed to term as it will become increasingly difficult to bring players to Canada in the next few years because of the pandemic.

I know F50marco disagree with this approach, but I believe that's what they will do.</div></div>

Prior to this year, Price, Weber and every other Habs player was relatively healthy and they still finished finished 18th, 24th, 14th (missed the playoffs) and 28th in the league..... How much more losing do we need to prove before its any more obvious?

I'm not saying Habs management will definitely rebuild (Its what I want them to do only), but if anyone is trying to convince anyone else that this team is anything other than an overpriced, playoff overachieving team, is lying to themselves.

This team has been bad for many years and frankly shouldn't have even made the playoffs both years during the pandemic in which so many fans beliefs rely on. Habs finished 24th two years ago and were gifted a spot and last year only made the playoffs because of the Canadian division. Habs would not have been in the playoffs had they played the American teams also, I hate to break it to you. TB, Florida, Carolina, Washington, Pittsburgh, etc etc etc. If we barely got into the playoffs only playing weaker CAD teams, imagine swapping EDM, VAN, CGY and WPG with TB, FLA, CAR and Pitts....

That Cinderella story last year was amazing and I loved every minute of it but I don't have blinders on either. They got lucky. I don't want to have to get lucky every year to think we can win. That's a loser mentality IMHO.

If we stay the course, the Habs playoff hopes and cup contention rest on a 35 year old, injury prone, 10.5M cap hit goalie with recent difficulties regarding substance abuse/mental health issues. Price at his absolute peak wasn't enough to will a Habs team to a cup. Expecting him to now is illogical.

When is enough enough? If what you've seen isn't enough for them to start a rebuild, I'm not sure there is <strong>anything</strong> they could have done to convince you otherwise.
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