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Hughes over Kakko
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>If look at our pipeline, would be worth adding these gems...

1. Kevin Bahl - big 6'7" 220 lbs LHD, played some in NHL this season. Will start there next year.
2. Graeme Clarke (RW) - Sniper whose biggest issues have been injuries. GM Fitzy singled him out by name as someone who woll get look next season.
3. Tyce Thompson (C/RW) - Offensive center, who could move to wing. One of NCAA leading scorers at Providence. Was centering Holtz line in AHL this year.
4. Arseni Gritsyuk (C/RW) - highly skilled two-way forward, played in KHL as teen. Was one of best players on Russian team at World Juniors.
5. Ethan Edwards (LD) - small offensive defensive with some toughness to his game, going to Michigan next year
6. Case McCarthy (RD) - Defensive RHD who plays heavy game, with a little nasty. Has really come into his own last two years at Boston University as their shutdown option.
7. Michael Vukojevic (LD) - A sizable LHD with some offensive skill. Will likely need 2 years in AHL. Turns 20 today.
8. Akira Schmid (G) - USHL league leader in GAA and Sv%
9. Jaromir Pytlik (C) - Big body, great hands. Likely bottom-6er with some upside. Suffered injury at World Juniors. Should be healthy to start next season.
10. Daniel Misyul (LD) - Defensive d-man played regular minutes in KHL in age-19 season.
11. Nico Daws (G) - Former OHL goalie of year and Canadian Would Junior starter had to play in Germany league this year. Just signed contract. Should split time in AHL next year.
12. Nikola Pasic (LW) - Highly skilled offensive winger with some serious mechanical flaws in skating. Kind of a boom or bust.</div></div>

We have some good goalie prospects considering Schmidt (who was the goalie of the year in the USHL i think) and Daws who was the goalie of the year in the OHL
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 28 at 2:00