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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jake_H</b></div><div>An older 50-point winger with term that is a unique powerplay asset is worth a 1st. A 2nd pairing RHD with one year left that has cup rings is worth a 1st. Brassard was worth a 1st, two 3rds, and an elite-level goaltending prospect last year, he's worth a 1st. With nothing else coming back, Maatta is probably worth a 1st.</div></div>

With your mindset, every GM would welcome the opportunity to make trades with you because you would grossly overpay and terribly overvalue players. You contradicted yourself stating an older 50 pt winger that is a unique powerplay asset. Key word older. He plays a physical game and his body will wear down well before his contract expires making him not worth the contracts value at the end of it's term. Just because you have Stanley Cup rings doesn't automatically drive your value through the roof. Sports is a what have you done lately business. Look at how many not so bright GMs sign players based on past achievements and give players the "Cup raise" to find themselves in cap trouble. The Hawks are a good example. And again, Brassard, last season was worth that because of his potential with the team. Now, after his lack of production, he is not. He isn't capable of carrying a line and doesn't make his line mates better and he can't even stick on Crosby's line and be productive. You guys need to stop with hometown assessments. I'm from Pittsburgh too and 95% of these published transactions from you guys are nothing but making other teams give up the farm for peanuts.