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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>Do you mean when? Also is that really the only reason you follow the Leafs? If so be careful as they can get a stranglehold on you lol. Ps, you didn't answer my question about how old you are? Lol</div></div>

35. I think I am a bit older than you. Yea man. I live in Toronto but I have been watching the **** show from the late 90s and early 2000s. They leafs were good with pat quinn, but honestly ... teams in the west were a lot better and harder. Avs were my team. Also in 99 Buffalo was my fav lol But yea ... Shanahan , his plan, babcock, lou, dubas and everything they did earned me to respect them. They really have their **** together and know what they are doing. I have been following team building since 2000s and read lots of book on hockey and what not, to realize just how doomed certain teams were because of just how unstable they were, because they didn't have a real plan, then you have teams like nash, who had a really good solid head office, but they had a very tight budget and had to draft well and build up their talent. I really looked up that kind of a model. Also how anaheim was built up, before Burke blew it up by trading away the building blocks and got players in their late 30s and just happened to win the cup, but after that the team went to the toilet.

So yea .... I have been following a lot of builders and learning what it takes to get a real team together. did you know since the 70s until now, the leafs had no real scouts, they were all jokes. I dont remember which book I read it in, but if you asked any real scouts in the nhl what they thought about toronto scouting , they knew it was terrible. Which does explain how toronto was so bad at drafting and building up talent.