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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KMarner10</b></div><div>I'm gonna say that if Kane comes back after his suspension and gets the chance to play top 6 minutes and does well, there is a chance. I say let him show what he can do, and if fit, you can sell high at the deadline. This is definitely a Sharks' situation but you have to decide whether or not you want to make a push or tank for a lottery pick. If you were to make a push, you would need more scoring, a defensive D-man (preferably a lefty), and a starting goalie.</div></div>

Kane returning to the Sharks ruins any shot at the playoffs.
The team clearly is;

Tighter chemistry
Opens up the lineup

Meier has taken Kane’s role, Balcers is playing very very well, Eklund and Dahlen have fit into the top 6 nicely. Hertl doesn’t even want Kane on the team. If Kane stays; Hertl leaves.

As for making the playoffs. Doubtful but clearly the team is rejuvenated without Kane and internal team chemistry on and off the ice/ morale has improved. I don’t think we’ll make the playoffs but we’re stepping in the right direction and Middleton has actually made the Knyzhov injury not as worrisome. Middleton has played some great hockey and I’d scratch Simek for Knyzhov and keep Middleton at this point.

Probably a wild card hunt, trade Simek. Get a pick from 7-14, and shoot for the playoffs next year and try to move some money out.

Dahlen - Couture - Meier = been really good
Eklund - Hertl - Balcers = been great
Barabanov/ Gadjovich - Bonino - Labanc = Labanc is firing🔥
Cogliano - Weatherby - Pedersen/ Nieto/ Gadjovich = a ton of depth options

Ferraro - Burns = been amazing as a top pair
Middleton - Karlsson = Middleton may demand a job
Knyzhov - Vlasic = Knyzhov could really thrive here as he played high QoC with Karlsson last year.

If we can SOMEHOW get Kane gone or if something happens to void the contract, or somehow move Vlasic in the offseason. We could be good. Meier and Labanc both could earn their stays here, and we just need some money gone this offseason to improve our odds next year.