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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jimbo1119</b></div><div>I don’t know how Miller should be prioritized over Chytil….but that’s not even a discussion worth having because by hook or crook, NYR need to do whatever it takes to get Miller, LaF, and Chytil extended. That said- potential returns on all 3 have to be listened to….and in the case of a 6M OS to LaF, the return 1st and 3rd might just be the best move. But I just don’t see that as realistic, as he is playing to a bridge deal rather than a massive overpay.

The Cap situation as it stands is razor thin (but not impossible) for next year. It really is in Drury’s best interest to get these guys locked ASAP. Should Miller and Chytil continue on this year’s trajectory, they will only get more expensive. If that happens then NYR should have a pecking order of who gets dealt…all on contracts other than minimum or ELC would be on this list. My guess is guys at the top of this list would be Goodrow, Trouba, and Lindgren. Other than Goodrow, any other move is probably going to be real unpopular (Lindgren) or real uncomfortable (Trouba- due to probably salary retention required).</div></div>

I don't mean that as in it's absolutely PARAMOUNT to prioritize Miller over Chytil per se, but just from comparing the depth behind both players it's a rather massive drop to put a guy like Ben Harpur on the second pairing lol. It's also why I'd sadly believe Filip Chytil would actually be at the top of that list you created, much like Pavel Buchnevich was in 2021. I also don't expect the likes of Goodrow or Trouba to be moved with how immovable their contracts are this year.. and as I previously referenced a buyout doesn't solve anything.