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Thread: Leafs trade
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenkins</b></div><div><strong>I honestly can't tell if these trades are a joke? </strong>

The NYR package might get them Rielly by himself.
Kapanen and Johnsson are both more valuable than Kreider as he's a UFA.
Shesterkin needs to play more than 7 NHL games to earn #1 goalie value.

An extended Barrie by himself is an overpay for Bjorkstrand.
Bjorkstrand is in his 5th NHL season and has a 40 point career high.
But Toronto should add Kerfoot + Bracco and take a huge cap-dump?

Andersen is easily worth more than a lottery protected 1st round pick.

<strong>OFFENSIVE UPDATES (2020-21)</strong>

<strong>Traded</strong> = Kapanen + Johnsson + Kerfoot + Bracco
<strong>Return</strong> = Bjorkstrand + $5,000,000 cap-dump

<strong>DEFENSIVE UPDATES (2020-21)</strong>

<strong>Traded</strong> = Rielly + Barrie
<strong>Return</strong> = Fox

<strong>GOALTENDER UPDATES (2020-21)</strong>

<strong>Traded</strong> = Andersen + Woll
<strong>Return</strong> = Shesterkin

<strong>Toronto gets worse at all 3 positions ... what's up son? </strong></div></div>

I love the in depth reply. But he’s what I think. Shesterkin at 24 is way better then with Freddie 1yr left and I wouldn’t pay him. You can let him walk if it makes you feel better. Same with Rielly vs Fox. Keep Muzzin. Keep Dermott. Keep better D who are better at D. Fox will be A Pp guy with Sandin too. Losing Johnsson and Kapanen for one year of kredier hurts. But it gives the leafs more flexibility to play and pay Mikheylev and engval. And bring in Korskov. They have tons of cap space to add if they need.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov 22, 2019 at 2:09
Thread: Some ideas
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>beliboy32</b></div><div>I can get behind one of you trades the rest unfortunately make no sense for one side or the other. The Calgary trade makes sense as Calgary is getting a serviceable player in Shore and a skilled prospect in Timashov and toronto gets some grit in Jankowski. The Anaheim deal makes no sense for us taking on a goalie one who has a M-NTC and the next milan lucic in nick ritchie. Kase .... ok lateral movement with either kap or johnsson. Makes no sense for us to get rid of our speedy gritty players on good deals in johnsson and kappy. so that trade is a hard pass. If you can tell me why carolina logically would make this deal i'll agree with it... but heres the thing you can't. if barrie has a sniff of success he will be asking 8x8 approx. 4mil more a year then pesce is getting and he is 3 years older and not as good defensively. getting our first back in that trade is a useless asset to gain. the pick is top 10 protected. I think 90% of the hockey world would say the leafs wont be this bad next year. so who cares giving a late first next year. i could go more into the trade but ill move on to the NJ deal..... its the carolina situation just in reverse lol why would we take on hall who is ready for a BIG payday and not to mention a Dman past his prime who has proven to big of an ego in two locker rooms and two cities.

I like the premise of this overhaul you've done but its missed the mark badly.</div></div>

I agree with most of this. Well said and thanks for the thorough reply. He ducks trade i like for a few reasons. I think Kase is the best player in that deal and he’d be a great player driver and shooter with this talented group. Tenacious on the puck and does a lot of good things. Ritchie I’m hoping finds a role that helps this team. By that I mean he’s have to play a tough game and really give Kase and Jankowski some room. But I agree he’s much slower then both Kappy and Johnsson. Might not be the best fit. Kappy I love but I think he isn’t good enough to be a consistent shooting threat like Kase. But I do think he’s one of the fastest guys in the league and if he used it more going wide and driving he’d be much more effective. Johnsson I really like but he’s tiny and not that there’s anything wrong with that but he’s support guy more so then a line driver. Miller is just an upgrade for the backup.

And with the other trades there are many reasons why it wouldn’t be a fit or valued correctly.
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Thread: Jankowski