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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Spanky227</b></div><div>rangers pass very easily-- it'll take a top 5 prospect to even get them to listen. You don't want to pay that so stop offering.
Petan isn't anything special (bottom six forward) and cap dump of kulikov is over the top. Limits the rangers ability to go after panarin in free agency (or stone) and doesn't make them better.

A center that is on pace for 73 points won't be that cheap, even as a rental (and that's factoring in his slow start to the season).
If we remove the slow start and do his avg since november 1st he has 29 points in 25 games good for a 1.16 points per game average. With 45 games left that would be 52 more points this year, when added to his current 33 points that would be 85 points.
This combined with positive possession stats and a rel CF% of 7.8 on a piss poor possession team, he will fetch a top 5 prospect and a late 1st rounder as a rental. Which is not what you offered here.</div></div>

I’m really not sure how you think any team is going to trade a top 5 prospect (assuming you mean league wide) for a pending UFA who has never put up more than 50 points. You’re taking a two month sample size and ignoring the larger sample to skew your argument while assuming he will maintain this scoring pace as though he won’t hit a slump or slow down as that is what is career history would suggest. What you’re asking for in return is way too much, last year statstny was traded at the deadline for a B-prospect, a first and a fourth. Even if you think Hayes is worth more than Stastny (which is certainly up for debate) I doubt he’d be able to fetch a return of a first, a second, a sixth a solid prospect in Dylan Samberg and some depth. Maybe take out kulikov from this trade but ultimately his negative value helps offset all the assets going to NYR.