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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Why would they need a shut down defenseman when they already have the best dcorp in the league and have gone like 13 games in a row allowing less than 30 shots.

Back up goalie absolutely, literally anybody that is even just an NHL caliber goalie so you aren’t giving away points when Grubauer isn’t playing and working him to death with the condensed scheduled. Bernier probably tops that list, but ffs the Zamboni driver would be an upgrade over Miska. I would think A 3rd and prospect like Beaucage or Mutula might get it done.

3C definitely like Staal BUF might be willing to do Compher straight up, maybe NSH would take a 3rd for Haula.

COL will have to be creative with what they use to trade away since they don’t have second rd picks.

Getzlaf has evidently said he would block any trade, and for a guy who already has a ring and 4 kids I believe it.</div></div>

Like the description says, adding a defenseman would be about adding stability. They have a very talented group already, and they are statistically one of the best defensive teams in the NHL. I think the forward group deserves some credit for that as well. Even if they’re lacking scoring in the bottom six, they have some very solid two-way forwards throughout the lineup.
Also keep in mind how young their core group of defensemen are. It’s one thing to dominate regular season games on talent, but a playoff series is a different story. They got exposed by Dallas last playoff. I think Devon Toews brings more consistency, and Girard and Makar have both progressed over the last year. But it still may be worth while to look at adding another D. Again, not the most pressing need, but you can never have too many good NHL defensemen.

Regarding Getzlaf, I would be surprised if he’s traded. But if he did want to take a run at another cup, Colorado would make sense. He would stay relatively close to home, and it’s a team he will be familiar with by seasons end.
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