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Thread: NYR Deal
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ryminister_27</b></div><div>Didn't realize one stat from last year affected his play this year..ever heard of a fluke year? Players have bad ones and people talk about it, but if they have a good one all of a sudden that term is forgotten about.

That "bunch of junk" couldn't be a more ignorant comment. Dermott has taken massive progress this year and has shown why he could be a top 4 d-man (especially when the Rangers have been looking for one). Kerfoot has shown he's a good versatile player to move up and down the lineup, and play both centre and wing on a relatively cheap contract. Doesn't produce a ton but is a great fore checker with tons of speed. Abramov has been tearing up the QMJHL for 3 years now. Sure he's small and was drafted late, but you know who else tore apart the same league and is also small? Connor Garland. So Abramov is certainly not "junk". &amp; a 1st round pick is what you make of it, could be a draft steak at that point or a useful trade chip later down the road for another piece.

Hot take: Toronto doesn't make this deal or consider it. Zibanejad is a 3C on their team, that's not where he's best useful at and they wouldn't get top production outta him. They're not gonna give up 2 players that are very useful in their roles currently for that. They've been patient with Dermott for a reason, they love his game. One of the best skaters on the team and probably in the league. Kerfoot has proved valuable when injuries have happened on the wing and at centre. This also leaves them with not the appropriate amount of qualified forwards to leave exposed to Seattle unless they extend someone and risk losing them. All that for a guy that's gonna walk in less than a season and a half? They need a defensive 3C and there's guys out there that are better suited for that that will be cheaper. Phillip Danualt, Nick Bonino, Teddy Bleuger, Travis Zajac, etc will all be far cheaper and fit the role better.

Still comical that you continue to troll an entire team and call their players junk without actually knowing.</div></div>

to be fair, it is pretty much is junk. these guys are dime a dozen players in the NHL. nothing in this trade is special or moves the needle...
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