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Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 1:16 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sabresguy1987</b></div><div>You cant say lundkvist has extreme potential if he cant take over the 6th best defenceman on your team is what i am saying mike. Are you taking about peterka or asplund now? Asplund's best asset is his defensive play if you look into his underlying numbers and he improves the players around him. For buff they dont have many players like that as opposed to young dmen. lundvist isnt going to play on the PP or top 4 in buff with their current stock of young dmen. I would not be surprised if you had looked into asplunds numbers tho if you are sticking up for reaves and goodrow or really your team in general</div></div>

follow along guy.
Lundkvist plays the right side, not the left. that means he would have to beat out 3 guys to make the lineup. with me so far?
Lundkvist is not better than Fox, Trouba or Schneider - making him #4 in the RD depth chart. still here?
this has nothing to do with him taking the "6th" spot in the lineup - he can certainly play over Braun or Nemeth, but he doesn't play the left side.

i never said he has "extreme potential". what i did say is that his ceiling is far greater than Asplund, who will be a career 3rd liner at best - those guys are a dime a dozen every year.
as for "sticking up" for Reaves - all i said was that he is better 4th liner than Bjork - not really sure what you are trying to draw from this.
and Goodrow has proven his worth as an ELITE bottom 6 forward.

as for sticking up for the Rangers, eh, i give my opinions on them often. they are playing free hockey right now - about a year or 2 ahead of schedule on the rebuild.
but you wouldn't understand that, being a Buffalo fan and all. the Rangers have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, rebuilt and made it back to the playoffs in the same time frame as Buffalo being in their 3rd take of a decade long rebuild.
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